Former RHODC Star Tareq Salahi Is Engaged To Business Partner, Lisa Spoden

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The former Real Housewives Of D.C. star Tareq Salahi, 47, who made headlines in 2009 when he and then-wife Michaele Salahi crashed a White House state dinner, and when he pleaded with the public for the whereabouts of his ‘missing’ wife who left him in the middle of the night, is engaged to his business partner, Lisa Spoden.

Tareq captioned a picture of him and his fiance, ‘Escaping’ to a new chapter,” on his Facebook page, aboard a luxury cruise ship.

A former health-care executive and a regular on the Washington social circuit, Lisa, 54, is the CEO of cruise-ship charter company Hotels at Sea, which she and Tareq co-founded.

Lisa described their relationship as a business partnership that turned romantic. “While working together we fell in love. We decided that we are a perfect fit both in love and work.”

Since the infamous party-crashing, Tareq Salahi, has styled himself as an ‘epicurean travel expert’ and has made multiple runs for Congress, though they seemed.

He and former wife, Michaele has a messy separation and divorce. Tareq thought she was kidnapped as Michaele never told him she was leaving and pleaded with the public for help find her. Michaele left with just the clothes on her back for Journey guitarist Neal Schon, in 2011. Tareq later sued Neal for $50 million.

Lisa was in the supposed cast of a bizarre unscripted show whose filming was spotted around Washington last year. She told us at the time that Bravo had bought episodes of “Wicked Politics,” a show about a D.C. lobbying firm, but alas the network declined to confirm.

Source: Washington Post

Real Housewives Of D.C

Real Housewives Of D.C


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