Taylor Armstrong, Brandi Glanville, Kim & Kyle Richards Cheer on Lisa Vanderpump on DWTS

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills costars Brandi Glanville, Taylor Armstrong, plus Kyle and Kim Richards, and Kyle’s husband Mauricio Umansky, who all sat together in the front row as Vanderpump, strutted her stuff with pro partner Gleb Savchenko.

Kyle’s presence at the taping was surprising given their not so friendly appearance on the reunion
this past week, where her “falling-out” with Lisa Vanderpump on RHOBH and heated discussions with both Lisa and Brandi Glanville, on part two of the season-three reunion. Brandi and Kim, aren’t on the best of terms either. Or so they’d like us to believe.

Lisa Vanderpump spoke to US Magazine:
“The Housewives are here filming and it’s an incredible experience. I’m glad that they put all their differences aside if you’ve seen the reunion and that’s what life should be about, supporting each other” (This must be for season 4)

On if her and Kyle are in a better place?
“Well, I don’t know! I’ll let you know! The fact that they’re here, You know I’m not a perpetrator or an aggressor, I call it like it is. She’s the one who changed the parameters. We’ll see where we go moving forward. The viewers and fans have been very open with their support, there’s probably still something there.

“I’ve always been known as an honest Housewife, so I’m not going to compromise my integrity, going forward I’m going to tell them exactly what I think with as much kindness as I can, but being as direct as it needs to be sometimes. That’s what this show is. I’m happy they’re here. I’m happy they’re here to support me.”

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