Teen Mom 2 | Season 3, Episode 11 Recap

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Finally MTV allows us a closer look at Leah’s awesome relationship with her (now) husband Jeremy! In this episode we also see Kailyn’s relationship with Javi take off, and although they don’t seem overly romantically connected during this episode we know that they are currently living together and engaged. Here’s what happened:

Leah: Jeremy plans a romantic weekend away for him and Leah. He takes her to a log cabin complete with a hot tub on their own personal deck.He hides a small square box when he gets there. I know that since the two are buying a house together and plan on moving in, engagement and marriage was on the way, but it seems like this has moved really fast. They JUST started being together a couple episodes ago, and just last episode Leah wasn’t sure if she wanted to be with Jeremy or work things out with Corey. I do hope for Jeremy’s sake that things remain as good as they have been now because he plans the cutest proposal. He makes Leah breakfast, and gives her a card that reads “will you marry me.” Leah is ecstatic and says yes and can’t wait to tell everyone. Leah calls her mom after a couple of hours and her mom sounds pretty surprised and tells Leah that she’s only twenty years old but it’s up to her. She ends the conversation by saying that if Leah’s happy then she’s happy for her. Leah takes her friend out to a nail salon where the two are talking about her engagement before Leah shocks us all by revealing that she had her IUD removed because she wants to have another kid soon. Her friend tells her that she should at least wait until she’s married but Leah says that she knows how serious her and Jeremy are and that Jeremy really wants a baby. She then reveals that she’s been really nausea lately and has to take a pregnancy test. Oh my goodness does Leah move fast or what?! She literally JUST got engaged and now she’s pregnant already? Congratulations to Leah and Jeremy!

Chelsea: After passing her last GED test, she only has two more to go (math and science) before she will be completely finished. Things are beginning to look up for Chelsea, because she just bought a new house with the help of her father and is almost ready to move in and head to beauty school. She calls Adam to offer him Aubree while she takes her final GED tests. Of course Adam doesn’t answer her call, and Chelsea gets really depressed the following day when it’s Adam’s birthday. She has Aubree call him and surprise, surprise he actually answers! Chelsea is shocked that he is not out partying already and spends the rest of the night crying to her friends about Adam. The whole Adam and Chelsea ordeal has just gotten so old. Chelsea was finally making leeway and doing things for the better, it’s time for her to continue to move on and away from Adam. He is just dragging her down.

Kailyn: After meeting Javi for a date at a local diner, she is ready to introduce him to Isaac. She explains to her friend that she would feel more comfortable introducing them while she’s still friends with Javi and not romantic. While deciding whether or not to take him to meet Javi, she takes Isaac for his first hair cut and involves Jo. I love that the two of them work together on being involved for Isaac. How awesome is it that they can decide on a day and time to go, together, for his first hair cut so they can both be involved and so that Isaac can seem them getting along as a team. Even though they’re not romantically involved, they’re still involved and work as a team of parents. These two get the parents of the year award as far as I’m concerned.

Jenelle: After rumors have swirled around for a couple years, Jenelle drops a bombshell that Andrew may not be the father of Jace after all. He calls her and leaves a message that he is going to begin paying child support once he gets a job and Jenelle feels bad hiding it from everyone that he may not be the father. She explains to her mother that she slept with her friend’s ex boyfriend one night and felt really “slutty” and bad about it afterwards, so there is a small chance that he could be Jace’s father as well. Her mother explains to her that even though it was wrong, things like that happen sometimes, and that Jenelle is being a grown up by admitting it and wanting to find out for sure who Jace’s father is. I feel like Jenelle is a totally new person when she’s taking her medication. She is involved in Jace’s life and has a pretty good relationship with her mother where they both are calm, cool, and collected. Jenelle calls Andrew and it’s sad to hear him try and explain why he hasn’t been present in Jace’s life at all. He doesn’t even know how old Jace is. But the two talk, and Andrew agrees to do a paternity test so Jenelle begins looking for a DNA testing place with her mother.

This episode was of new beginnings. Leah is engaged and ready to start her new life with Jeremy and excited to give the girls a stepdad. Jenelle is ready to end her saga and figure out once and for all if Andrew is Jace’s father, and be the mature person she wants to be. Chelsea is getting over Adam slowly but surely and I hope she’s completely over him by next week’s episode! There have been a ton of rumors circling about the end of Jenelle’s fairly new marriage and I hope for her sake things get better. Thinking of you Jenelle!

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