Teen Mom 2 | Season 3, Episode 2 Recap

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Leah: Leah receives an email from her lawyer confirming their mediation appointment. She calls her mom to ask her what it means, which just shows how young she is. Not only is she a teen mom but she’s also a divorcee. Leah and Corey agree on Corey getting the girls three weekends in a month, while Leah will get them during the week and one weekend a month. Leah is still very upset that Corey won’t work on their relationship or go to marriage counseling and while I wish they had tried counseling, I can understand why Corey decided not to, because he was so hurt by her cheating before the wedding.

Kailyn: Kail is feeling really lonely since Jo has been seeing Vee. I feel so bad for Kail because she really liked Jo and wanted to make it work. She even cheated on Jordan so she could be with Jo and then Jo ditched her to the curb when he found someone else. I just think it is really shady that Jo didn’t let Kail know about Vee. Kail also reveals that she has problems in the mom situation not just the boyfriend situation. She says that she hasn’t talked to her mom in over 5 months, she decides to call her mom but gets sent to voicemail. The next day she calls back and her mom has blocked her number. I am devastated for her. Jo and Vee are talking about Kail and Vee seems nice saying that once she meets Kail it will be okay. Jo says he doesn’t want to mix baby mama drama with his relationship and unfortunately after seeing tweets, it seems like Vee is more interested in hurting and making fun of Kailyn. Very sad and immature.

Chelsea: Chelsea got into a fight with her manager and is considering quitting her job. Despite saying they were going to take it slow, Adam and Chelsea’s relationship is getting very serious. Adam comes over for Chelsea’s 20th birthday and gives her a promise ring that he says means he promises to be with her. Chelsea’s dad still doesn’t know that Chelsea and Adam are even talking, let alone in a serious relationship, or that Chelsea is considering quitting.

Jenelle: Jenelle smoked a few days before her drug test with her probation officer and she is very scared she’s going to fail it. Despite making the stupidest mistake ever and risking her child’s relationship with her child, her relationship with her mother seems to be going well. When Jenelle’s car breaks down her mom even offers to loan her money to fix it. Jenelle goes to her mom and talks about getting the drink that will clean out your system before a drug test but lets her mom know that she may fail her test. She says how worried she is about financial aid because she’ll lose her financial aid if she has any drug charges. Unfortunately for her, the detox does not work and she fails her test resulting in her arrest.

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