Teen Mom 2 | Season 3, Episode 3 Recap

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This is the 3rd episode of the season and the emotions are already running high.

Leah: Leah meets Corey to drop off the car. She makes a comment about the truck being hers and Corey laughs at her. Then Leah makes some comments about how the girls would have liked both parents together instead. She should probably just let it go and keep things civil, especially because the girls don’t need to hear conflict between the parents.

Jenelle: Jenelle explains that since she failed her first drug test she’s been out partying and smoking a lot more. Her lawyer calls with the two options; jail for 45 days or an extended 9 months of her probation. Jenelle freaks out over the fact that she can’t “quit smoking weed” and chooses jail. I don’t think Jenelle is just addicted to marijuana. Her mood swings and deep dependence scream something more strong. She needs to realize that in choosing jail she’s choosing time away from Jace and isn’t taking the HUGE break her probation officer is offering her. The probation officer decides to lower Jenelle’s jail time from 45 days to 16 days and Jenelle tells her lawyer how important the Ke$ha concert she has tickets to. She says that she has front row tickets and has to absolutely go to this concert. She then decides to maybe switch to added probation time so she can go to the concert. Like I’m sorry but how is it possible that seeing a concert is more important than spending time with your SON?! Jenelle’s probation officer surprises her with a random drug test, which she fails (surprise) and is arrested. She calls her mom to bail her out and her mom says no and asks her what kind of mother she’s going to be letting her son see her in jail. Her mom is finally acting like a mom and making the tough decision of leaving her in jail.

Chelsea: Chelsea is planning Aubree’s birthday party but hasn’t heard from Adam since he fought with her father. I think the scenes of Aubree calling her father and Adam not answering are heart breaking. Conflicts aside, he is still that baby’s father and needs to stand up to the plate and stop running away all the time. Chelsea sets up the cutest pink and leopard themed party for Aubree and everyone is present but Adam. It’s obvious Chels is very bummed that he didn’t come and it’s sad for Aubree. Adam shows up late, as usual, and takes Aubree home with him to celebrate her birthday.

Kail: Kailyn sees a picture of Jo with the caption “tipsy” and it was taken during the time he was supposed to be spending with Isaac. Instead of calming talking about it, Jo and Kail fight about it over the phone. I can understand it might be hard to want to control every aspect of your child’s life but when you’re no longer with the baby’s father, how he chooses to spend his allotted time is between him and that child. Kail needs to put her anger aside and let it go for the sake of Isaac. Jo will realize soon enough he’s wasting precious time with his only child. Kail goes to speak to her lawyer to see if she can have Isaac every other weekend so that she will have time to spend with him on the weekends herself and because it gives Jo the “young adult” time that he needs to enjoy. Although Kail knows Jo may get mad her, she says she has to make the right decision for Isaac.

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