Teen Mom 2 | Season 3, Episode 4 Recap

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Chelsea: Chelsea’s father meets her to watch Aubree for the day so Chelsea can go see Adam race. Chelsea’s friend comments how amazing a father she has as they pull away. Mr Houska checks in the garage and sees all Adam’s things. He then calls Chelsea and says they’ll talk later because it’s obvious to him that they’re living together. It’s very clear that he’s upset about Chelsea and Adam getting back together and who can blame him?? He’s always the one who has to rush to her aid when Adam leaves her high and dry. Not to mention the fact that her dad pays for her house and supports her through her GED. Chelsea has barely talked to Adam since Aubree’s birthday and despite it happening so many times, Chelsea says that it doesn’t make it hurt any less. Her friend surprises her with Dierks Bentley concert tickets to cheer her up, but Chelsea has her GED test that following day so she is going to study beforehand and ask her dad to drive them in his RV.

Jenelle: Jenelle is set to go to jail and goes to visit her friend to apologize. Her friend agrees they can be friends as long as Jenelle isn’t with Keiffer. She then asks her friend if she’ll go to the Ke$ha concert with her in a couple days. Wait WHAT?! Is Jenelle seriously STILL talking about this concert when she’s facing weeks in JAIL? Away from her SON? And her family? Needless to say, she admits she is still smoking weed because it’s just too hard for her stop. I’ve always been on Jenelle’s side but this is way too much. She doesn’t deserve custody of Jace until she gets better. This week Jenelle announced her shot gun marriage to Courtland Rogers. The two went to the court house and tied the knot without even telling family! Her own mother read about the nuptials online! Jenelle talked to a bond’s woman who agreed to post her bail and her friend had to sign for her. Jenelle didn’t even stay overnight ONE night but that doesn’t stop her from being furious at her own mother for not bailing her out. But really, her mom has bailed her out how many times? If anything I think this made her mom look like a good mother for once. Jenelle’s friend asks her if she’s still up for going to the Ke$ha concert and Jenelle goes another rant about how much she loves her, she’s her idol, blah blah blah and the two decide to go to the concert. The rumors are also swirling tonight that Jenelle is pregnant with Courtland’s child. What are the odds of her naming the baby Ke$ha?

Kailyn: Kail’s friend alerts her to pictures of Jo and his new girlfriend on the internet. Kailyn goes to look and one of the pictures has a caption reading “tipsy.” This picture was taken on a Friday night when he was supposed to be taking care of Isaac so Kailyn is clearly hurt that he not only has a new girlfriend but is spending time partying with her rather than spending time with his son. Kailyn takes Jo to court to get custody every other weekend, and since filing Jo hasn’t responded to Kail’s texts or calls so she figures he’s mad at her. Kailyn drops Isaac off at Jo’s house and is very scared that Jo will be mad at her. She starts crying in his driveway and the two head off to mediation. Two hours into mediation the court agrees to change Kail’s visitation and Jo says he’s going to appeal it.

Leah: last episode Leah and Corey’s divorce was finalized. And just this week we found out that Corey is engaged to a new girl who Leah really likes! It’s nice to see Leah, Corey, and their husband and fiance get along for the sake of the girls. Leah decides to look into her nursing program that she’s always wanted to join so she chooses to go see the program because she wants to make a better life for her and the twins. Leah schedules her entrance exam for the nursing program for the following day and is really nervous about not passing and being denied entrance. Corey tells her that it’s awesome she’s going back to school and it’s obvious how proud he is of her.

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