Teen Mom 2 | Season 3, Episode 6 Recap

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Jenelle: Jenelle and her mom are fighting… Again. Jace is playing with cable cords on the floor while Jenelle screams at her mom about what an unstable house Jace lives in. Jenelle packs her bags and heads to Josh’s mom’s house, who offers to allow Jenelle to move in. Surprisingly, Jenelle makes the mature choice of telling him she has to take things slow because she has never lived with a boy before. She has only lived with her brother and that she has to be sure it’s the right housing environment for Jace. Jenelle and her mom Barbara then go to dinner where Jenelle tells her about her plans. Her mom says she doesn’t think it’s the best idea because she just met Josh, but she agrees to allow Jenelle to take Jace to Josh’s house if she can meet his mother. Barbara also agrees to help move her furniture and help her move in. Barbara and her husband go to see Jenelle’s new place and they are very pleased with Josh, his mother, and his mother’s house. Barbara even says that if Jenelle stays with Josh she would have no problem with her taking Jace for good. I don’t understand why she has to see Jenelle in a good relationship to allow her to have her child. It should be based Jenelle and where Jenelle is in her life.

Leah: While Leah’s friend watches the twins, Leah brings Jeremy to meet her family. Her family gives him the 411 and makes sure he’s okay with her having two kids. Leah’s dad takes Jeremy out and speaks to him about how Leah needs someone who will support her while she is going to school. Jeremy says that he 100% supports Leah and all the choices she makes. Leah’s family really likes Jeremy because he seems very stable. Even though he seemed very weary of the relationship at first. Probably because Leah is newly divorced. Leah and Jeremy continue on the awkward train as Jeremy meets with Corey her ex-husband. Shortly afterward, Corey texts Leah that he misses her and the kids and is having second thoughts about the divorce. I think it’s hard for Corey to realize that their relationship is finally over. If Leah hadn’t found Jeremy and wasn’t happy, they probably would have given it another go.. But remember Corey was the one who turned down all therapy.

Chelsea: Chelsea goes to get her nails done at the salon with her mom and Aubree. I think it’s adorable the types of things Aubree and Chelsea do together. Even though Aubree is only 3, they are like the best of friends and have a great relationship. Chelsea then took her math practice test for her GED and failed. She just has to keep taking it until she passes and be proud of herself for trying to complete her GED. She then chooses to go and look at schools so she can work towards her dream of owning her own salon one day.

Kailyn: Kailyn goes to lunch with a friend and talks about how alone she feels since losing her mom, father, Jo, and Jordan. She then tells her friend how she’s going to visit Texas to see her sister when Isaac is with Jo. I know Kailyn is extremely close to her sister and I love that she has someone to share that bond with. In fact, she didn’t even know about her sister until recently so it’s great to see they’ve bonded. I genuinely feel awful for Kailyn. She’s got a good head on her shoulders, always puts Isaac first, and works her butt off yet has no family or support system. Her own mother blocked her number! Disgraceful.. Luckily, despite thinking she no longer has Jo, the two are still a team and Jo agrees to watch Isaac so Kailyn can get away.

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