Teen Mom 2 | Season 4, Episode 3 Recap

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It is so nice to see Jo and Kail acting civil in the drop offs of Isaac. I absolutely love that Jo tells Isaac to treat his mother right and kiss her goodbye. These two have to be one of the most mature teen parents on MTV’s Teen Mom franchise because of how they can coparent together while dealing with their own relationship problems. Isaac always comes first with them, which is the way it should be.

Shocker! After finding out that Gary cheated on her in the beginning, Jenelle decides she wants to meet with Kieffer and reconnect because she has always loved him and “no man has ever been able to make her forget him.” Is anyone else foreseeing where this is going? Jenelle’s headed straight for trouble and more fights with her mom. Sure enough, the next scene is Jenelle telling her mom that she is still going to smoke weed every now and then because it’s a plant and it makes her feel better. Barbara, surprisingly, is a great mother in this scene telling Jenelle that she shouldn’t be self medicating and urging her to not let Kieffer drag her down.

Chelsea appears to be working hard in school and finishing her work on time. She even gets complimented by her teachers on her good skills. So it’s a bit disturbing to see her drop everything the second Adam calls wanting to grab lunch and see Aubree. Did I mention that Chelsea STILL hasn’t gotten her period? But she doesn’t “think” it’s late yet. Wait what?! Hasn’t she learned anything since she was 16? She needs to take a test because it’s better safe than sorry, especially since it’s so important for early prenatal vitamins and care. I truly hope she’s not pregnant because it will affect her whole life and change her chances of finishing cosmetology school on time. After standing up Aubree and Chelsea, Chelsea finds out that Adam is going to a movie instead. Adam has never seen Aubree in the past two weeks, it’s so sad that he isn’t an active role in his daughter’s life. No matter what hard feelings he may have for Chelsea he should put them aside to make time for his only child. It’s very sad, and I feel bad for Chelsea for doing it on her own.

Does anyone else feel like they’re in the same boat every episode with Leah? This episode Leah decides that she is ready to try again with Corey and make it work this time. Now if this had happened last season, it’d be amazing, but this is happening while she’s currently engaged to Jeremy and just miscarried Jeremy’s baby. Leah heads to Corey’s new house to check it out and see if Corey is serious about making it work and getting back together. My heart still breaks for Jeremy, it must be so hard looking back and watching these scenes for the first time after just marrying Leah and having a new baby girl. But, I think Jeremy will be able to make it through because he is so mature since he told her he was willing to wait for her while she made her tough decision.

This episode had a lot of emotional ups and downs, with Leah deciding between the two men in her life, with Kail dealing with coparenting classes with Jo, with Jenelle getting off of probation and deciding to meet with Kieffer, and with Chelsea dealing with the Adam drama. Hopefully, next week’s episode will have the girls moving forward and making positive changes, and fingers crossed that Leah will finally be able to put Corey and her romantic relationship in the past and move forward with Jeremy.

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