Teen Mom 2 | Season 4, Episode 5 Recap

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At the start of this episode, Kailyn is considering allowing Javi to move in with her since he sleeps over every night anyway. I have to admit this makes her look like a bit of a hypocrite, especially after all the court dates and fighting she had with Jo about his girlfriend Vee being around Isaac. I think Jo looks more responsible and mature in telling Vee that she can’t move in at this time because he’s still young and wants to enjoy living on his own without moving too fast with his girlfriend. Kailyn is already talking about getting married to Javi because she’s “twenty years old and not getting any younger.” Since when is twenty considered old? She literally just put the teenage years behind her and having a baby at such a young age forced her to grow up too quickly, she shouldn’t force marriage too soon also.

Jenelle and Kieffer are still dating (blech) but Gary has been trying to get in contact with her again making her feel very confused. Still, despite all the confusion in her life, there is one thing she is sure of — she is going through with getting her breast augmentation. She has her friends drive her to her surgery and then bring her home. As bad as this sounds, it’s a little comical to see Jenelle moaning about her pain and how she can’t move her hands until someone mentions how much larger her chest looks, in which she gets extremely excited and happy. We all know Jenelle wasn’t the first Teen Mom girl to get plastic surgery (think Farrah’s nose job, Maci’s breast augmentation) but she was the first to brave it on air and I give her props for that. I have nothing against plastic surgery and if it makes you feel better about yourself, go for it! It’s nice to see Barbara come and take care of Jenelle after her surgery. Her mom makes sure her roommate has Jenelle’s pain medication locked up and makes sure Jenelle walks around so she doesn’t get blood clots. The two sit down and talk about Jenelle’s relationship with Gary and it’s really nice to see them getting along and acting like they actually like each other. I think Dr. Drew will be proud at the reunion.

Leah and Jeremy put their relationship to the test last episode where Leah was considering getting back together with Cory. Luckily she realized Cory didn’t want to get back together and apologized to Jeremy for acting that way. The two decide to move back together and get re engaged. And we all know where this is headed.. The two get married in a future episode and Leah gets pregnant again with a little girl. I am excited to see this wedding and happy the two have rekindled their relationship.

In the end, Javi moves in with Kailyn and agrees to pay for groceries and electric bills. I think Kail’s idea for them moving in is that they are a little family now. I think Kail’s a little naive in thinking that this is the family she never had when in reality she wants Jo. Hopefully she’s not rushing and making the wrong decisions and will end up happy in the end. Next week’s episode looks so good and I will of course be watching and recapping!

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