Teen Mom 2 | Season 5, Episode 5 Recap “You Got Me”

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season 5 teen mom 2
Jenelle takes Jace for “Mommy/Son” time to a swimming lesson. It’s so nice seeing the two spend time together and it makes your heart smile to hear Jace ask if he can go home with Jenelle. He says that he wants to spend the night with his mom instead of his grandmother Barbara. Jenelle calls Barbara to ask for permission but Barbara strikes the proposal down by saying absolutely not because Jace is sick and needs his rest. Later that night when Jenelle reveals her disappointment to Nathan he encourages her to be more demanding of needing more custody of Jace. The open and honest conversation of child custody leads the two to decide they are going to begin trying to have a baby together.

The next day they take Jace and Barbara out to eat to share the happy news but Barbara isn’t very happy. She thinks Jenelle is moving way too fast with Nathan plus Jenelle has only been sober for a couple of months. Not to mention the fact that Jenelle just had an abortion of her estranged husband Courtland Roger’s baby on the first episode! Barbara tells Jenelle that she needs to learn to put Jace first before she has a second child. Jenelle is upset with Barbara’s reaction so she meets with her friend and shares the news that she has stopped birth control all together in an attempt to get pregnant. Her friend is genuinely shocked and asks Jenelle about her impending court case and the fact that she may see jail time. Jenelle responds “I guess I’ll just have to deal with it.”

leah and kayla teen mom 2Leah is devastated when her best friend Kayla gets married and reveals that she will be moving to Las Vegas in a couple of days. Leah calls Jeremy to share her feeling with him about how lonely she feels with him away working and now her best friend moving out of state. She cries while talking about her feelings and tells him that she has found a double wide home that she likes and are waiting until they get approval for the farm. She says she can make it into manufactured land and build a wheelchair ramp for Ali.

Leah then decides that she needs to make alone time with Aleeah so she doesn’t feel left out because of all of Ali’s doctor’s visits so she takes her daughter for manicures and pedicures together at a nail salon. After their salon trip she takes the girls to say goodbye to Kayla and it is a cry fest. Corey has an emotional conversation with his father about Leah’s plans to buy a wheelchair accessible home for Ali and to enroll in school early like her therapist’s said they should. Corey’s dad agrees that putting emphasis on Ali’s wheelchair feels like they are abandoning any hope of her recovering.

Chelsea didn’t get to celebrate her 22nd birthday because of her school schedule so she has decided to plan a trip to Los Angeles, California with her best friend Megan. She calls her dad, Randy and asks if he will be able to watch Aubree while she’s away and he is thrilled to. While in Los Angeles, Megan and Chelsea go roller-blading, site see, and enjoy a birthday lunch. It’s nice to see Chelsea relaxing and enjoying herself for once. While Chelsea’s away, Adam meets with his two best friends to tell them that his girlfriend Taylor is going to give birth to his second daughter in the next 24 hours. He also shares that he is still planning on taking Chelsea to court for scheduled visitation.

aleeah kayla teen mom 2
Kailyn is thrilled when Javi surprises her with a set of keys while on a dinner date and tells her that they have closed on their first house together in Delaware. Kailyn isn’t sure if she should just move to Delaware without telling Jo since they are in the middle of a court custody battle over moving Isaac three hours away from his father. Still, Kailyn and Javi decide to pack up the entire house and ship it to Delaware. Kailyn says that Jo never told the court when he moved to New Jersey and that if the judge tells her she can’t move to Delaware, she will have to move back to Pennsylvania and live a separate life from her husband. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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