Teen Mom 3 Season 1 Episode 2 Recap “Growing Up Fast”

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alexsekellaKatie shares the news with her family that she’s engaged and proudly shows off the ring for them. Due to her family’s insecurities over being married young, Katie reveals that they are going to hold off on wedding planning for now. She is being responsible and wants to graduate college before tying the knot. The couple decides to go house hunting in the meantime, to locate the perfect house. They find a two bedroom home that is Katie’s dream house and it is also within their budget. After signing the paperwork and applying for the home, Katie finds out that Joey has a lot of debt that has ruined his credit and because of this they’re denied the house because of it. She confronts Joey and the two end up screaming at each other in an extremely heated argument. Joey is working as a minor and is gone for most of the night. He tells Katie she is being very ungrateful by acting like they are poor and don’t have a roof over their heads. I agree, considering they are in a nice apartment, Joey is correct. I give Joey credit for standing by Katie through her pregnancy and supporting his growing family. Unfortunately, most teen father’s do not do this and check out as quickly as they can.

In the last episode, Josh was debating on whether or not to move in with Mackenzie and Gannon. While Mackenzie really wants them to live together, because she could use the “early morning wake up” help with the baby, her parents were undecided on the arrangement because they didn’t want to allow them to sleep together before marriage. Josh decides not to move in with Mackenzie’s family. He says that to help out he will sleep over one night a week. Mackenzie’s mom agrees that this is a good idea but tells Josh that he has to sleep in the guest room, no where near, Mackenzie because she doesn’t believe in sex before marriage. She admits that both she and her husband love Josh and think he’s a great match for Mackenzie. Mackenzie hears her mothers thoughts on “no sex before marriage” and mulls over whether or not to start taking birth control. She’s unsure on how to approach the subject with her mother because she’s so against pre-marital sex, but obviously she’s already broken that rule. Mackenzie doesn’t want any more children so she sends a text message to her mom asking if she can start taking the pill. Her mom responds that she wishes she would choose to “abstain” because it’s the right thing to do. While I completely understand where her mom is coming from, clearly Mackenzie didn’t choose to abstain before and probably won’t in the future. Getting her sixteen-year-old birth control to ensure she isn’t a teen mom for a second time would probably be the lesser of two evils. Mackenzie makes the decision and decides to visit a gynecologist to hear about her birth control options, without her mother’s knowledge. Since she has diabetes and requires shots daily she wants to make sure her birth control won’t interfere with that. She ultimately chooses to get an IUD which can be removed any time she decides she wants to have another child.

alex and matt mccannAlex and her “boyfriend” Matt are still fighting. It isn’t clear what their relationship should be labeled as. As while she considers them a couple, he isn’t ready to jump into anything too quickly. Her mother has allowed him to move in with the family after leaving rehab with one condition; he completes chores around the house and helps with the baby. Alex continuously nags telling him that she doesn’t think he is “contributing enough” or “pulling his own.” Matt is furious with the constant put downs and says he’s unsure of how to be a good dad but that he is trying his hardest. It appears he is making a sincere effort to spend time with Arabella. Since Alex is attending school and working three jobs she is furious as Matt hasn’t found a job yet. She asks where is he applying for employment. He responds that she is actin like a probation officer and they start screaming at each other. Alex’s mother is scared of their daughter Arabella being raised in an angry and unhealthy environment and tells the two they should seek therapy. They both agree and the two seek a therapist’s opinion who advises them of ways to resolve conflict and speak respectfully to one another. It’s clear this relationship isn’t going to work. Matt is still facing a lot of demons from his past addiction to drugs and I’m not entirely sure he is sober in these episodes. He gets too excited when he’s in his old drug dealer’s neighborhood and he is still hanging out with his drug using friends, and he has “lost” money Alex has loaned him.

devoinBriana and Devoin’s relationship has always been out of whack. Last episode he was accusing Briana of being a “slut and a whore” on Twitter. He also said he would get someone to beat her up, causing Briana to seek legal council and request a restraining order. She decided to drop the case after Devoin messaged her, claiming they need to make it work so they can be a couple for Nova’s sake. She agrees to let Devoin babysit Nova alone for an hour but he quickly gets weary and calls Briana to return home. He hasn’t been present in his daughter’s life for a long time and now he can’t even handle babysitting her for 60 minutes? That’s ridiculous. Future episode previews show that Devoin and Briana’s mother end up fighting pretty badly. I can’t wait to see what that is all about, What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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