Teen Mom 3 | Season 1 Episode 5, Recap “Moving Forward”

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katie yeager fashion showKatie Yeager and Joey Maes picture perfect relationship is slowly unwinding. Katie was approached by a local vendor to appear in a fashion show. Since she has worked so hard to lose the baby weight she is very excited to have even be asked and really wants to participate. When Joey returns home from work, Katie tells him and at first he seems okay with it, until Katie mentions that it’s a lingerie fashion show. To be completely honest, when Katie first mentioned lingerie even I was shocked. Joey doesn’t understand why Katie can’t be confident about her own body in their house and out of public view. Ultimately, Katie makes the decision to participate in the fashion show and it seems like Joey supports her decision as he even attends the event. But before Katie walks the run way, Joey heads outside to have a cigarette and misses her runway debut. Katie appears in a tutu and corset ensemble with her face painted. She looks absolutely gorgeous and doesn’t look like she just had a baby a few months ago. Although I had previously said these two had what it takes to make things last, I don’t think their relationship is healthy anymore. They have some seriously toxic feelings towards one another and can’t even have a civil conversation without Joey getting angry. Katie should have told Joey the fashion show was more than just lingerie and tell him that she was wearing more than just some skimpy lingerie.

alex sekella matt mccann fightingAlex and Matt have come to the end of the road in regards to their relationship and are no longer trying to work on their relationship for just their daughter’s sake. Matt has vowed that he wants to remain in his daughter’s life as a father figure but with his recent drug use this seems highly unlikely. Alex thinks she can still benefit from seeing the therapist that she and Matt had visited previously, so she continues to see the therapist. She says she wants to work on being the best single mother for her daughter and I applaud her efforts. Not many mother’s, let alone teenage ones, would take the time to seek a professional’s help and it’s nice to see she’s mature enough to do so. Her mother is also a great help by allowing her to stay at home with the baby, urging her to complete her GED, and to make sure she continues to work her three jobs. After her therapy session she agrees to meet with Matt. Although it appears as though the two could c0-parent, their conversation ends in a huge fight causing Alex to tell Matt she doesn’t want him around their daughter anymore.

briana dejesus nova dejesusBriana’s story is so intriguing because it involves her sister, Brittany’s story as well. Remember, Brittany was pregnant at the same time as Briana but ultimately chose to abortion her child as she believed this was the best option for herself. Brittany has gone on vacation for the weekend with her friends, leaving Briana home alone with Nova. Briana’s family have been a huge help with her baby, that Briana really feels the alone, when Brittany is away. Briana thinks about how different hers and Brittany’s lives are and ends up crying on her sofa because she can’t have fun and freedom like her sister. When her mother returns home from work, Briana apologizes to her mom for being such a “strain” and “nuisance” on the family. Her mom is shocked that she would even feel this way and tells Briana she loves both of her daughters and her granddaughter more than anything in the world and that none of them are “burdens” to her. Briana and her mother hug and it’s great to see Briana have such a strong support system. Briana’s story shows how difficult being a teen mom is, because you can clearly see how each sister’s decision made such a huge impact on their lives.

Mackenzie’s boyfriend Josh, used to make a living bull riding but Mackenzie made him promise not to do it anymore when she was pregnant with Gannon. She is slowly starting to reconsider this rule because she sees how much Josh supports her choice to do tumbling. Mackenzie has tumbled and cheered since she was a young child and it’s her favorite sport and hobby. She couldn’t wait to have the baby, just so she could get back on the mat. While Josh has been pushing the matter for a while now, Mackenzie has held her ground that bull riding is too dangerous of a sport to risk his life. After much thought, Mackenzie tells him that she doesn’t want to hold him back from something he loves and that he should bull ride again. Bull riding is dangerous and Josh could be seriously injured. They seem to have a great relationship. They genuinely listen to one another and respect each others opinions and Mackenzie is only a junior in high school! I hope these two make it work.

Do you think Mackenzie should have let Josh go back to bull riding? Do you think Joey overreacted about Katie modeling? What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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