Teen Mom 3 | Season 1, Episode 6 Recap: “To Be Judged”

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Mackenzie has difficulty finding a babysitter for Gannon so she decides to takes him along with her, to practice tumbling. Mackenzie looks amazing. She already has a six pack, with a six month old. Her instructor begins to talk to her about the wear and tear tumbling can have on a person’s body and quizzes her on whether or not she will be able to cheer in college. Mackenzie says that she is relying on Josh winning some rodeos competitions for income to support his family financially. She says the winnings will also help her go to school but her instructor tells her that it’s very rare that someone can win enough to support an entire family.

According to Mackenzie the conversation is stressing her out and she would rather not talk about it. Meanwhile Josh meets with his father who is expressing his concerns over Josh returning to rodeo. His dad says that it’s extremely dangerous and that he could end up paralyzed, in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, if an accident happens. He also says that Josh needs to think about his son, because Gannon needs his father, his dad says that he will be praying for him. Josh says that he can’t wait to be back doing what he loves – Rodeo competitions, and wants to feel the rush again of competing. He also says he wants to win to provide for Mackenzie and Gannon. Mackenzie, Gannon, and her family show up late for Josh’s next rodeo event. They are surprised to see Josh in the parking lot loading up his car and when they ask if he already competed he reveals that he fell, hit his head, and was disqualified. He didn’t win any money.

devoin austin briana dejesus brianas mom fightingDevoin goes to Briana’s house to visit with Nova. The entire time he is there while holding Nova, he sits in awkward silence as Briana and Brittany stare at him. After he leaves, Briana tells her mom and sister that she’s fed up with his lies after getting her hopes up, only to be let down by him. She says that he hasn’t paid for the baby proofing like he previously promised and she has had enough. While Briana’s sister, Brittany, is out with friends, she asks her mother to take Nova upstairs. Briana invites Devoin back over to tell him she doesn’t want him in her daughter’s life anymore. Devoin arrives dressed in a tuxedo and tie. He seems genuinely shocked when Briana tells him that it’s not fair and that he’s not being a good father to his daughter, Nova. Nova doesn’t even know him. Devoin attempts to get Briana to back down by saying that she didn’t have a dad growing up and that Nova needs a father in her life. Briana’s mom has been eavesdropping during the entire conversation and begins to scream from upstairs that Briana’s dad was in the picture for the first six years of her life. Sadly she is in Devoin’s face, screaming and cursing for him to get out. She then pushes him out of the door while he tells her to take her hands off of him. When he mutters under his breath outside she takes a vase off of the porch and throws it at him while Briana is screaming and crying.

After Devoin leaves, Briana and her mom sit down together and Briana tells her that while she had every reason to be upset she didn’t act correctly, she was crazy. The next day, Briana decides to renew the court order of protection. While the protection order was approved, Briana still has to serve Devoin with papers so the family calls the sheriff’s office to assist in serving him. They park on the street outside Devoin’s home and the police officers enter his house and hand him the paperwork. Immediately afterwards, Devoin tweets “IM A FREE MAN” which hurts Briana’s feelings. Brittany says that she will father Nova if Devoin won’t. While Devoin hasn’t always been there for Nova, it seems like he has been making an effort to be around more often. I don’t think Briana should completely isolate him from her daughter’s life because he is right when he says that Nova needs her father around. Also, I don’t think Briana’s mother should get as involved as she did, that did more damage than good. Devoin was speaking calmly to Briana during the entire argument and her mom went ballistic and appeared extremely belligerent.

alex sekella teen mom 3Alex’s mom is furious when she heads into the basement where Matt had been staying because it is a complete mess and all of Matt’s belongings are still there. Alex immediately calls Matt and tells him he needs to come and clean up the basement. Matt arrives at Alex’s house two hours later, cleans up and collects his items. Alex’s mom advises her to stay away from Matt. Matt asks for Arabella, and wants to know if he can give her a kiss goodbye. Alex begins screaming that he can’t be near her, while her mom tells her she is making a huge mistake. Alex then screams at her mom that he’s done enough damage and that she is “removing a drug addict from her daughter’s life”. He forgets two bags of clothes which infuriates Alex and causes her to chase after his car. After Matt leaves, Alex decides she wants to apply for sole custody of their daughter, Arabella. Alex’s mom picks up the legal  documents for her to look through and make her decision and is thrilled when Alex reveals that she won’t completely alienate Matt and will allow him to have supervised visitation with his daughter. Her mom tells her she’s making a great decision and that one day the two of them will have to be able to talk civilly with one another. Matt decides to apply for state housing because his mom is moving and won’t allow him to go with her. The housing official tells him that he qualifies but that they have a strict “no drugs” policy and his chances may be damaged because he submitted a positive urine sample that same day. He says that once he is clean and has a roof over his head he will apply for visitation rights.

katie yeager joey maes in therapyKatie receives a notice in the mail from her bank, that Joey has used too much funds and in turn has overdrawn their bank account. When Joey gets home from work, Katie yells at him and throws the bank statements at him while he’s holding Molli. She says that their lack of money is because he is always smoking weed, an accusation that infuriates Joey. He tells her she is being ridiculous and that he always supports her and Molli. He says that her father never paid her bills so she should be grateful that he’s there for them both. Since money is so tight for the couple, Joey’s mother makes them dinner but Joey refuses to go into the house. His mom, brother, and little sister head outside to attempt to talk some sense into him. The only one who really gets through to him is his little sister who remarks that in order to propose to someone “you must really love them a lot, at least you should”. It’s amazing that sometimes a young child can speak more sense and be more reasonable than an adult?

Joey heads back into the house to eat and Katie begins to tell him that she doesn’t want her daughter in the same situation she grew up in, with her parents being separated. She says that she doesn’t want a drug addicted dad for her daughter , Joey gets angry. He says that he takes care of them both and that he only smokes every once in a while. Joey claims he is actually a great father but the two decide to go back to couple’s therapy and see if they can make it work. In therapy, Katie reveals that her father was arrested when she was young for his meth issues and for attempting to distribute it. He ended up going to jail for three years and their relationship was never the same afterwards. She says she knows how drug addiction can tear families apart and it scares her. When Joey says that marijuana different than meth, Katie tells him that he can still get in trouble for doing it and be sent to jail. He says that if his quitting smoking will keep them together and make her happy he will do it.

Next week’s previews look really good as Devoin pled not guilty to the order of protection and Briana has to face him in court. Also, it looks like Matt overdoses and spends some time in the hospital. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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