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MTV decided to give us one more look into their Teen Mom franchise. They taped Amber solely behind bars at the prison where she is currently incarcerated for five years. Amber took the time to explain recent rumors, explain her addiction, and talk about the changes she’s making in her life that are for the better.

Amber explained her decision to choose jail time over treatment because while she was in treatment she was abusing drugs. She said that she would eat pain killer gel pads to get high while she was being monitored. The gel pads have a much higher rate of overdoses when ingested and are meant to be absorbed through the skin. She explains that she was scared she would never get better if she continued down the path she was already on while in treatment. In choosing jail time, she chose the hardest, and probably best, choice that was available to her and would aid in her getting better for Leah. Amber explains that she just didn’t care about anyone but herself while dealing with her addiction, stopping to say that she never stopped loving Leah, but nothing and no one was as important to her as her drugs. She claims that the only person who comes to visit her is her mother, and that she talks to Gary every day on the phone. She also admits that she had occasionally used drugs prior to being pregnant with Leah, but that she was an abuser not an addict at the time. She makes it clear that when she found out she was pregnant she completely gave up her experimenting.

I have to say this is the most I have EVER seen Amber smile, giggle, and laugh. She seems like a newly transformed person and has a sense of confidence and over all will to her. She explains that she attends NA (Narcotics Anonymous) meetings in jail, anger management classes, and is working on her GED. She says the rumors of her lesbian liasion in jail are not true, that no one has “Amber” tattooed on their necks (atleast not for her), and that she wants Leah to know that she will be back soon, and that this time she will be the mom that Leah wants and needs. I have never seen this Amber before, and I can only hope she keeps up her hard work and will be out soon to help Gary and mother Leah.

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