Teen Mom | Episode 11 Recap

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For The Best

This is the second to last episode before the series finale! Can’t believe this kids have grown so fast and (most) of the teen moms and dads have matured so much.

Maci: Maci allows Bentley to invite who he wants to his party. She has him call Ryan’s parents and Ryan. I think this decision is a really mature one because it shows Maci really cares about Bentley and his relationship with Ryan’s family. While Ryan’s parents answer and agree to come, Ryan’s phone goes straight to voicemail, and Maci worries that he won’t show. By the next day, Ryan still hasn’t talked to Maci so Maci has Bentley call again and invite him and Dalis. Ryan tells Bentley he will do what he can do and then texts Maci that he won’t be coming to his party but he’ll be there at 7 to pick him up. Wait what?! Bentley’s party starts at 6, why can’t Ryan come for an hour? Maci even went out of her way to send an invite to Dalis and his parents are coming. This is a time that Ryan’s parents should put their foot down and make him go but instead they choose not to go (even though the promised Bentley) because Ryan isn’t going. When Ryan goes to pick up Bentley he starts a fight with Maci and says that she should have called him first. Whenever Maci goes to see him she goes alone and Kyle keeps his space, but whenever Ryan goes to talk he always has Dalis there. Maci attempts to close the door because she doesn’t want Bentley to hear and Ryan insists on it being open. Then Ryan tells her she’s so “stupid” and Maci walks off saying she’s done talking to him. Dalis says “good” from the car. I think Dalis needs to take a page from Kyle’s book and mind her business. Also Ryan needs to be more respectful of Maci, especially in front of Bentley.

Catelynn: Tyler’s mom is having problems getting over the fact that she isn’t able to see Carly. She voices her concerns with Ty and asks if it would be okay for her to talk to someone about it. Tyler tells her how he thinks this is such a good idea and that it will help her get over some of her pain. Tyler and Cate decide that both their moms should go for help. Cate and Ty take Cate’s mom out for breakfast and ask her if she’s willing to go.

Farrah: Farrah goes out with Daniel and while they’re out he is lost on his phone. Farrah tries to have a good time until Daniel’s friend tells her she should work on her problems with Daniel. Farrah chooses to leave, calls her mom, and surprisingly goes to visit her and get Sophia. It’s nice to finally see the two getting along as they sit on the couch and discuss what’s going on. Debra agrees with Farrah’s mature decision to leave Daniel. Farrah spends the next day with Sophia at the park because it’s the last day before Soph travels to Omaha with her mom for a month. Farrah drops Debra and Sophia off at the airport and even gives Debra a kiss good bye.

Amber: Amber’s story begins well. She has found a place to live and has started to fix it up. Then Gary comes to visit and let her know that he needs $400 for Leah. Almost immediately Amber’s voice raises and she says she doesn’t have that money because she has a house and car payment. Gary says he’ll do it by himself, and while I can understand that $400 is a lot at once, I feel sorry for Gary. He has been supporting Leah himself while Amber’s been away getting better. The least she can do is give him whatever she can afford and appreciate him for being there when she couldn’t be. Amber drops Leah at Gary’s house and their “No Contact Order” only allows them to be together for a short time. Leah begs her mom not to leave and says she “needs her,” Amber gets emotional and starts cursing about CPS before leaving. While I feel for Amber, (it has to be so hard to leave a child throwing a tantrum for you to stay) it’s not smart for her to curse CPS. To get rid of CPS and the “No Contact Order” Amber decides to sign over her rights to Gary. Gary promises that he will do whatever is right for Leah and won’t keep Amber from seeing her daughter.

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