Teen Mom | Episode 8 Recap

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The Next Step

Another episode over and we’re closer to the end. So sad.

Maci: Maci and Kyle take the next step (sort of) and move in together. At first Bentley is a little upset and keeps saying he wants to go back home but with Kyle’s help he warms up. Ryan seems happy for Maci and Kyle and doesn’t start a fight when Maci tells him. Dalis reveals that they got a puppy and then asks Bentley if he “wants to move in with Daddy” while at dinner with Ryan and Benny. This rubs me the wrong way. Ryan’s girlfriend and parents seem to be overly jealous of Maci but as his father said “Maci will always be Bentley’s mom.” Ryan says that he plans on filing for joint custody in the next couple weeks and I am guessing that this going to turn nasty.

Farrah: Farrah’s boyfriend is so cute and awesome with Sophia! He seems to do everything; He Skypes with Debra, helps Farrah with her homework and babysits. Farrah and her boyfriend are planning to go to Austin and Debra agrees to come and watch Sophia while they’re away. Farrah makes the hard decision of having Sophia stay with her mom for a month so that she can finish her school work. Debra arrives in Florida to meet Daniel and they all go out to dinner. Debra then tells Daniel that he needs to be Farrah’s number one cheerleader and her supporter. It’s nice to see Farrah and her mom getting along.

Amber: It seems as though Gary is the 4th person on this show, at least more so than Amber. Amber is a train wreck. Screaming, cursing, and crying hysterically because she went to Gary’s mom’s house and Leah wasn’t there. When Gary’s mom calls a couple hours later to say she’s bringing Leah to visit, Amber has a sit down conversation with her and tells her that Gary needs to spend more time with Leah. Wait, what? Does Amber realize that Gary has been with Leah 24/7 since her birth? Amber’s the one who has gone away to rehab and now jail. She should be thankful for Gary for all he’s done. We see that Maci isn’t the only one buying a house in this episode. Gary buys a really nice house with a fireplace and moldings on the wall! The saddest part of this episode is seeing Leah run to Amber saying “That’s my mommy” and knowing where Amber is today. Very, very sad but at least for Leah’s sake she has a great father.

Catelynn: The drama of Catelynn and Tyler’s life took center stage in this episode with Tyler’s dad being arraigned in court. Butch decided to represent himself even though the judge informed him that this was a very stupid idea. After the judge tells Butch that because of his criminal record he won’t get out on bail, Butch turns around and gives April a nasty look and shakes his head. Despite everything they are going through, Catelynn and Tyler keep an open conversation, they confide in one another and are each others shoulder to cry on. I really think they will make it for the long run.


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