Teen Mom | Episode 8 Recap

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The Next Step

This episode was so heartwrenching. We hear more about Catelynn and Tyler’s painful upbringing and Amber is slowly going downhill. Luckily, Farrah’s new relationship shows a glimmer of hope of moving forward and Maci and Kyle take their relationship the next step by looking for houses together.

Maci and Kyle begin looking for a new house because the one they were leasing has been sold to someone else. They go house hunting and the house they first see is nearly $400,000. Maci asks for something cheaper, even a fixer-upper because Kyle’s dad is a handyman. This is probably the first time we see how much the Teen Mom stars are actually making. How else is it possible for Maci to “save up” for a down payment on such an expensive house when she doesn’t work and is a student? Let’s be serious, it’s hard enough for a 21-year-old to buy a house, let alone an unemployed, single mother, who is a student. Maci and Kyle pass on the expensive house and decide to look for something less expensive. Maci breaks the news to her mom and her mom is pretty calm about it, offering advice stating to not put it all in Kyle’s name just in case they break up in the future because Maci would lose the house. The two see another house that costs $79,000 and needs improvement which they like a lot better. They then decide to put an offer on it, on the spot. During the next scene, Ryan and his parents are playing with Bentley. They ask Ryan if he’s “okay” with Maci moving in with Kyle. He says of course because they already live together. Once again, his parents are butting in with their unwarranted opinions. Maci is Bentley’s mother but she has a social and love life. She’s not going to always live alone.

The way Farrah talks to her daughter, Sophia is adorable. She treats her like her little friend and tells her all her plans. She takes Sophia horse back riding by herself, she got the idea from her date last week, which is adorable and then she asks Sophia if she wants to meet her boyfriend. I was a little freaked out at first because she literally just met this boy. Farrah decides that Sophia will meet Daniel after her first day of school. Shockingly, while Farrah is getting ready at the sink, Sophia is in the shower alone. I can understand a child in the bathtub while you are inches away but a shower? That’s just dangerous. All it takes is one slip. In the end, Daniel meets Sophia and is very supportive of Farrah. He tells her that he’s used to being around kids, he has lots of nieces and nephews, and he can’t get over how cute Sophia is. Sophia is obsessed with Daniel at first, constantly looking at him and smiling, which is a great sign.

Tyler has received bad news. Butch has had too much to drink and physically assaulted Catelynn’s mom. Remember the two got married after Tyler and Catelynn started dating. Awkward! Needless to say, Tyler and Catelynn’s disappointment in that Butch is back in jail is immediately apparent. Catelynn visits her mother to make sure she’s okay and she tells Catelynn the story. Despite Butch saying that he didn’t hurt her, there are two holes in the bathroom wall, where Butch allegedly slammed her head. She was holding a towel around her neck. Butch squeezed her arms so tightly there were bruises. She then tells Catelynn that she loves Butch, but he wishes he didn’t do this and isn’t sure if she can leave him. Then she apologizes to Catelynn for drinking and working a lot when she was younger. She also says that she is going to start going to meetings and I really hope for Catelynn’s sake she does. Tyler goes to see Cate’s mom and tells her that she needs to leave Butch because he’s not good for her. As he gets teary eyed, he tells her not to put herself through it because it’s not fair and that he won’t get help or stop until he dies because he hasn’t gotten clean for anyone. Tyler says that his biggest fear is his father dying an unhappy person. Tyler then reveals that he sent a text to Butch saying how much he loves him, even when he’s disappointed he still loves him. To which, Butch replies that he loves Tyler too because it’s “natural instinct” but that he loves cocaine more than anyone. I have no words. I am absolutely stunned and heart broken for Tyler.

Amber: “I went to 11 years of school and didn’t finish my 12th year. What an idiot.” She is currently working towards finishing her GED which is a positive for a change. Amber asks a friend of her’s to call Gary on the speaker phone to ask if he will bring Leah to her tomorrow. Then Amber calls him an “a**hole” and a “nasty a**”, even though Gary says yes. Wait a second, I thought they were getting back together?? Is it just me or is Amber slowly turning back to her old ways and becoming an emotional wreck?

*If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, please call: 1-800-799-SAFE and remember love is not abuse.

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