Teen Mom | Season 2, Finale Part 2

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The LAST episode ever. This is killing me but I hope (fingers crossed) that there will be a few spin offs after the end of Teen Mom.

Maci: Maci drops a bombshell — that she and Kyle broke up because Maci caught him talking to a few ex-girlfriends on Facebook. This is kind of confusing to me because she packed up her things and Bentley’s things and left without talking to Kyle about it. It’s kind of immature and childish especially after you bought a house together. Kyle claims that he was unhappy over the five months that they lived together and Maci begins to tear up when asking him why he never told her because they could have worked through it. I can understand being upset that he was talking to past girls, but it’s confusing as to why Maci considers this cheating. When Dr. Drew asks how the break up would have been different if Maci hadn’t been a teen mom, Maci replies that they probably wouldn’t have ever been together because she would still be with Ryan if there was never a Bentley. LUCKILY, Maci and Kyle worked out their differences and have gotten back together. To which, Ryan tweeted “glad they are back together they are good for Bentley” while the episode was airing. Maci is upset that they have to split trick-or-treating, birthday parties, and everything Bentley without being able to be civil and attend together. Ryan says that he wants 50/50 custody and Dr. Drew asks if he believes at the age Bentley is if it’s important for him to spend a lot of time with his mom. Ryan agrees and says it’s more about having some control. Ryan says that he is in love with Dalis and that she didn’t understand how to deal with Maci still being a part of his life in the beginning she has finally accepted it. Dalis says that Maci had texted and called Ryan and Maci claims that she only ever texted him once after Ryan called her and said that he wanted to come hang out in her room. By the end, the two girls decided to speak in the future, talk about Bentley, and hang out a time or two to form a relationship. Maci even admits that she wants the next best thing to her for Bentley and she says that Dalis is that.

There wasn’t too much time spent on Amber or Gary besides the fact that Amber released a statement because she is currently serving a 5-year-sentence for violating her probation. Gary says that it wasn’t fair that he said that Amber ruined his life and Dr. Drew says that he spoke with Amber and she seems to be sober in jail after having hit rock bottom. Supposedly, Amber has lost weight while in prison and is involved in extracurricular activities. She has also started writing a book. I think the fact that Gary is raising Leah by himself is amazing, and hopefully Amber finds herself in prison and is able to be the mom and woman she wants to be.

Teen Mom Series ends with all of the babies (toddlers) on stage and the parents seated as it always was. So sad, but fingers crossed for some spin offs!

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