Teen Mom | Season 4, Episode 1 – Recap

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Separation Anxiety

YES!! They’re back. We have all waited so patiently for MTV’s Teen Mom to air its final season and tonight the start of the end began. Here are some updates of what happened this episode and my thoughts:

Maci: Maci’s son Bentley is growing up! The season opens up with him learning to swim. Maci gets agitated with Kyle very easily and refuses to let him help Bentley in the pool despite Bentley obviously crying and wanting him to. My guess is that we will be seeing their break up shortly and the reason for it. I am hoping that they end up back together because Kyle is amazing with Bentley and seems really supportive. Kyle and Maci are struggling with putting Bentley in daycare. He seems to need it because he is having difficulties sharing, and even bites.

Farrah: Farrah is still home, is very close to Sophia, and still calls her father Michael. Farrah is struggling with deciding whether or not she should leave Sophia behind when she moves to Florida. Her mom has volunteered to take care of Sophia while Farrah is away going to school and working on her career. I am really shocked that this is even an option. Farrah spends the afternoon showing Sophia her old room at her house. The bathroom where she spent hours on the phone with Derek, the room where they hung out the most, and the bed where they made Sophia. Um, what?! Farrah is still going to her therapist and that makes me happy. She is obviously still struggling with losing Derek and her decision to move with or without Sophia. In the end, Farrah decides she can’t live without Sophia and chooses to take her with her. She is scared to tell her mom and I’m foreseeing a huge fight. Hopefully without knives and tazers this time.

Catelynn: What else is there to say about Catelynn besides the fact that I absolutely and totally adore her. Tyler and Catelynn have an amazing relationship. I swear if they ever break up I will be devastated and probably need intense therapy because my idea of true love will be shattered. They both would have made great parents and worked as a team, but chose adoption for their daughter Carly. Tyler has graduated high school earlier than Catelynn and is in college. The two are psyched to graduate together in a few weeks, but not before they visit Carly and her parents in NYC to celebrate and have their two year visitation. They are unbelievably mature (and have been probably been forced to be this way because of their family life and getting pregnant at 16) but they recognize that Tyler probably wouldn’t be in college if they had kept Carly, that Catelynn might not be graduating if they raised Carly, and that Carly is where she belongs and has the life she deserves.

Amber: Amber hasn’t had much progress from last season. She and Gary still have a protective order against them, her eyes are still extremely glossy, and because her house was vandalized it was ruled that Leah can’t live with her. Probably the most telling of her time on air was when she spoke to Leah over the phone through Gary, and Gary had to tell Leah to tell her mom that she “misses her so much” and “loves her.” Amber talks a lot about her plea bargain in this episode, and is going to rehab for “anger management.” She’s clearly a mess saying how she has “serious problems” and doesn’t know how “sane” she can be anymore. She thinks the world is out to get her, but she was given a pass. All she needed to do was complete treatment, her community service hours, and control her anger and she would have been fine. “I’m so stressed out I need a buzz” is what Amber says when talking to Gary. She says she is now 21 and it’s her first drink, then proceeds to guzzle an entire glass. When Gary tells her he’s happy she’s getting help, Amber begins screaming like a crazy person and asking Gary why he wonders why she hit him in the face in the first place. Then she proceeds to have another glass of wine by saying over and over again “I am such a bad person.” Sadly she is back in jail as of this month and Gary is still providing and raising Leah as both dad and mom. Major props to him for stepping up.

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