Teen Mom | Season 4, Episode 12 Recap

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Wake Up

This is it. The LAST episode of the series ever. I feel like over the past seasons we’ve seen these four moms grow and mature into the mothers they are today.

Maci: Ryan has Bentley for his birthday this year and it’s obvious Maci is pretty bummed. It has to be hard to not have your son on his birthday. Ryan has Bentley’s party and makes a comment that rubs me the wrong way, “no one will ever top this party.” Maci has started to really buckle down and apply herself to school and is getting good grades. This is really nice to see. Ryan goes to a lawyer for 50/50 custody. The lawyer says that Ryan is exactly if not more fit for Bentley to live with. Um, what? He also says that Maci can’t live with Kyle if she’s not married. Ryan’s sense of entitlement is unbelievable to me. He still lives at home, Maci lives on her own. Ryan is usually without a job, Maci speaks at colleges and is a full time student. When Ryan shares his opinion with his family and Dalis, Dalis says “well what if we lived together? It would be the same thing.” She hit the head on the nail, love that she said that to him. And Ryan’s dad tells him that he needs to work with Maci and stay civil for Bentley’s sake. Hope he listens.

Farrah: Debra has had Sophia in Oklahama while Farrah is finishing her schooling in Florida. In the couple of weeks she’s been away, Farrah decided to take a bartending course to “strengthen her resume.” I think that since she wants to be a cook and run a restaurant this is the only time adding bartending is strengthening. It’s obvious that Sophia being away from Farrah is really hurting her since she is crying a lot again. Farrah spends a lot more time with her friends from school and it’s nice to see her hanging out. She pulls up her grades and she has all 100’s. It’s nice to see her working hard at her goals despite Sophia not being with her. Farrah meets Sophia at the airport and cries picking her up. It’s nice to see Farrah, Debra, and Sophia all laughing and playing together.

Catelynn: April is still doing well in recovery and asks Catelynn if she will watch Nick (Cate’s little brother) for the weekend. She says she’s unsure still what she’s going to do with her situation with Butch. It is obvious Tyler is really angry and is holding a lot of it inside. He is yelling at the dogs, spills his drink and freaks out, but all along Catelynn is there controlling him and soothing him. It’s obvious Nick hasn’t seen Tyler so angry before because when Tyler yells at the dog, Nick cries hysterically. Catelynn waits for the next day and sits down for a chat for Tyler. He agrees to go to therapy to talk about his anger outbursts. In therapy he cries and says that he knows there are two ways out of addiction, death or recovery and he said he’s very afraid that his dad is going to choose death. He blames himself for not doing more and feels very guilty. Tyler chooses to write his dad a letter and say that is it okay that his dad doesn’t love him because he’s finally realized it. He said that he can’t continue trying to build a relationship and having it torn apart by his dad’s actions. Catelynn and Tyler have a talk about the two weeks that Catelynn was going to keep the baby before choosing adoption. She admits that she was scared of losing Tyler if she chose to take Carly. They both still talk about how hard it was and how their kid gets to have an amazing life.

Amber: Amber reveals she has a boyfriend to Gary. This is a little shocking considering that she was trying to get back with Gary all along. Gary seems very jealous. Gary has a birthday party for Leah despite Amber thinking that he is having one a week after court so she can attend. When Amber calls Gary to ask why he’s throwing the party, Gary replies that she has a boyfriend. Um, I’m usually team Gary but in this case I think he’s acting really immature. He should think about Leah and who she would want at her party. When Amber calls Gary crying he screams at her that she’s a “whore” and a “slut” and I’m shocked that he would say such things in front of Leah. Amber says she’s not going to give him custody anymore if he’s going to keep her from her and she says “you are never going to use Leah against me because she’s not a toy she’s a human being.” Amber then says that Gary went through it as a child with his parents and that he should know how it feels. While this was airing, Gary claimed editing made him look bad but everything that MTV shows was recorded. In the next scene though before court, Gary says that he has to be better than he was and it’s nice to see he realizes that. He calls Amber and apologizes and the two go to court together hand in hand and Amber signs over custody to Gary. Gary then drops Leah at Amber’s house so they can celebrate her birthday together.

MTV ended the series by showing each girl from the very beginning — pregnant, to the end — mothers, loving their children unconditionally.

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