Teen Mom | Season 4, Episode 2 Recap

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MTV surprised us with two brand new episodes this week of Teen Mom’s final season. This episode seemed like a continuation of the first and our eyes were opened to a lot:

Maci: Maci and Kyle’s relationship seems to be tense. Maci is short with him, gets aggravated by him easily, and criticizes a lot of what he does, especially with Bentley. The two spend time teaching Bentley how to ride a bike, drop him at daycare, and Kyle calls her an “idiot.” (Which I’m pretty sure they both called each other names jokingly in the other seasons.) Maci freaks out and sends Kyle packing for his mom’s house in Nashville. After not calling her back for a couple days, Kyle returns home and the two talk. She explains that he reminds her of Ryan when he is nasty and they make up. We also learn that Maci and Ryan still argue over anything and everything they possibly can. Ryan is mad when Maci asks him to pick Bentley up early in the morning rather than after daycare which is the usual. Granted, she could have let him know a couple days in advance but Ryan had NOTHING to do. He claims he had to sign up for school yet was filmed eating with his friends while talking about Maci and what an awful public speaker and advocate she is against teenage pregnancy because she has a “live-in boyfriend.”

Farrah: Farrah spends most of her episode bossing Michael around. Is anyone else a little confused. I thought that Michael and Debra were getting divorced as of last season, so why are they always together? Farrah has Michael pack up her stuff into a U-Haul, drive five days to Florida, and then unpack. It’s very sad seeing Farrah visit Derek’s grave with Sophia. I can’t imagine how terrible it must be to lose your baby’s father at such a young age.

Catelynn: I cry everytime I see Tyler, Catelynn, and Carly together. The two are still struggling with their decision of adoption but are happy to be able to visit Carly in NYC for their 2-year-visit. Can I just say how lucky they are to have such great adoptive parents that are willing to be filmed on MTV and be so open about their adoption. Not a lot of people would do that and I love the relationship the four of them have. After spending the weekend with Carly, Tyler breaks down in tears saying he wishes it was he who Carly called Daddy. The two hug, wipe away each other’s tears, and swear that they’ll get through it and be okay because they “always are.” These two are like the real life Romeo and Juliet I swear.

Amber: Amber, Amber, Amber. The episode begins with Gary’s 911 call begging someone to get to Amber’s house because she threatened suicide. Luckily, they got to her in time and after spending some time in the hospital, Amber is ordered to a rehab facility which she says is for “anger management.” While at rehab she makes numerous statements and comments on her medication, how she abused medication from 14-16, and how she was “coming down” from stopping some of her meds, (all the while her pupils are like needle pricks.) I truly hope she finds peace and the strength to be a good mother. Maybe Dr. Drew can help her out on the season finale.

If you or someone you know is considering suicide please call The National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK.

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