Teen Mom | Season 4, Episode 3 Recap

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It’s already episode 3 and we’re one episode closer to the end of Teen Mom. I’m a little upset but am very excited to watch this season play out.
Farrah: Farrah completes her move this episode to Florida. She flies down with Sophia, while her father (Michael) drives for five days with all her furniture and things. After arriving, Michael unpacks, sets up the house, and takes the girls out to lunch where he tells Farrah he is considering moving to Florida if he can get a job to be closer to her and Sophia. Farrah is very mean to Michael, rolls her eyes, and speaks in a disrespectful tone. I’m a huge fan of Farrah but am not sure why she is always so nasty to him. Farrah registers for school and calls her mom to tell her about her classes. The conversation starts off very nice, before her mom starts questioning the classes and sighing. I’m happy to see Farrah interviewing nannies, finding one who fits her wants and needs, and calling the police station to make sure the neighborhood is a good one. Despite being a single mom, immature at times, and disrepectful at others, Farrah has proven to be a very good mom.

Maci: Maci is very upset that Bentley is going to be with Ryan down the shore for Spring Break. She doesn’t want to be away from him for so long, and calls Ryan to ask if he minds if she comes with a couple friends to hang with Bentley on the beach. Ryan reveals to Maci that he has a girlfriend, and says that if she wants to come she can. The fact that Ryan is so nice during this phone conversation is shocking and I give the both of them major props for being so respectful in front of Bentley. But can we talk about how majorly awkward this Spring Break vaca is going to be?! Maci double checks with Ryan’s parents and Mimi Jen recommends that Maci, Ryan, and Bentley do a family picture at the beach for the sake of Bentley’s memories. I think this is a great idea. If the two can’t be together, at least they can be respectful of one another in front of Bentley. It was a little (okay, a lot) awkward that Ryan’s parents still have pictures of Maci and Ryan in their living room, ie: Maci and Ryan hugging, Maci pregnant, as if they both were still together.

Amber: I really don’t like even talking about Amber and her rehab situation. This episode, she is still demanding towards Gary, wants him to come visit on her terms, and despite Gary being beyond nice she is constantly nasty and plays the victim card. She is always mentioning a “change of meds” and meds in general. The girl clearly has very serious problems and I wish her well in her recovery.

Catelynn: Catelynn and Tyler are preparing for graduation like normal high schoolers. Although the two are unsure as to whether or not Butch will be out of jail in time to attend the ceremony, family members have flown up to participate. We meet Catelynn’s brother who was badly paralyzed after a car accident a couple years ago. During this happy time, Butch calls Tyler to tell him he is going to miss his graduation by one day. Ty seems very upset on the phone and my heart breaks. Butch then tells Tyler that he doesn’t think he can afford to get him a graduation gift, hopefully a card. I am still shocked by how mature and responsible Catelynn and Tyler are. The two even throw their OWN celebration BBQ. Kinda sad that their family members didn’t for them. But Catelynn’s mom cries to her about how proud she is of her and that graduating is the biggest and best thing she’s ever done, even more so than what she did with Carly. She also apologizes for their relationship change and tells her that she loves her.

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