Teen Mom | Season 4, Episode 5 – Recap

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I have never heard these babies talk so much! And oddly enough, I am so proud because I feel like I’ve watched them grow. With Sophia Skyping her grandparents, Bentley talking about his dirtbikes, and Leah talking to her mom, they can hold conversations for a long time.

Maci: Maci registers for her 5 classes and she is counseled at school to consider doing an Associate’s Degree in 2 years total for her journalism degree.

Farrah: Farrah is going home to visit her parents and get her braces off. Sophia wants to Skype with her grandparents and is upset when it doesn’t originally work. Luckily, Farrah gets it up and running and despite Debra’s annoying baby talk I am surprised to see that Sophia can form long sentences!

Catelynn: Catelynn meets with her grandmother (who got pregnant at 17 and really supports her choice of adoption) and shares with her her future plans of becoming a K-2 teacher as well as a social worker. She also goes with her adoption agent to speak to other girls about her experience and hear their stories. Catelynn and Tyler actually came to visit close to my hometown recently in New Jersey to speak about the positives of adoption. I love how they have both made it a part of their life goals to help others.

Amber: Amber spends time with Leah (whose hair is finally up! Guess it takes her mom being around to do her hair) and it’s actually really cute to watch. Leah is a much happier baby when her mom is around, not screaming, and she is in a good mood. I hope for baby Leah’s sake that Amber can get over what she’s going through and raise her.



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