Teen Mom | Season 4, Episode 6 Recap

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Temper Tantrums

I’ve heard this episode was supposed to bring a lot of drama, and MTV did not disappoint. This episode made me a lot happier, considering last week’s episode was so boring.

Farrah: Farrah has her mother and sister visiting her in Florida. It is the first time they are seeing her new apartment and Farrah’s sister is very impressed. For some reason Farrah and her sister pick out a lime green wig for Debra to wear while she’s there. Sometimes, I feel like Farrah and her sister purposely nit pick at Debra to get her all worked out, despite both of them saying they hope Debra is manageable this weekend. When Farrah and her sister go shopping, Debra stays home and watches Sophia. Debra falls asleep and Sophia gets into Farrah’s nail polish and puts the nail polish on the dog. I’m not sure why Debra fell asleep, and why she wouldn’t tell Farrah to take Sophia if she was so tired. While at dinner, Farrah and her sister go at it with Debra. Debra tells them that she can’t engage in this fighting because it’s against her religion. Farrah cries, runs off, and her sister tells her mom that they both have messed up lives because of her, calls her a “psycho bitch”, and then chases after Farrah. Something tells me that there is a deep history between these three.

Maci: Maci determines that since Bentley is 3 (OMG! Can’t believe he’s that old already) he should go to preschool. She takes Kyle preschool visiting with her. Bentley cries and Maci looks like she’s having a really hard time deciding. It must be hard to see him crying. Maci decides that the preschool they visited was a good one for Bentley to attend two days a week but shows how hard coparenting can be when she voices her concerns on whether or not Ryan would think it was okay. When Maci asks Ryan he poopoos the idea telling her that he didn’t go to preschool and he turned out okay. Maci asks him to go and check out the school and Ryan agrees to think about it. Then Ryan talks to his mom about it and she says preschool doesn’t start until a kid is 4. Then Ryan says he isn’t going to go look at the school because he can teach Bentley everything he needs to learn himself.

Catelynn: One of the opening scenes is Tyler and Butch talking about his probation. Butch was told by the trailer park that he can not live with Catelynn and Tyler any longer because of his criminal past. Butch was told that he had a problem with alcohol, and he tells Tyler “my drug of choice was cocaine and marijuana, I’ve never had a problem with alcohol. I mean yeah I like a couple beers here and there.” I can never for the life of me, picture a grown father telling his son that he liked cocaine. Butch then tells Tyler that he might just have to live in a brown box, under the bridge. It is obvious that Tyler is very worried about his father and wants to look out for him. The saddest part of all is that it should be the opposite. I am so impressed every week by how strong and mature Tyler and Catelynn both are.

Amber: Gary returns home from visiting Amber and fills his mom in on her success at rehab. The two are going to give their relationship another try, and I can only hope on all fingers and toes that it does work out for the sake of Leah. Although Amber agreed to do two more weeks of treatment, she calls Gary and says she wants to go home early because she got in a fight during a therapy session. She then talks to her sponsor about leaving early, with her eyes completely shut, and her voice slurring. She decides to speak to a new therapist who tells her that she’s worried about how mad Amber got during her altercation. The therapist asks her “what would have happened had you sat in the corner, shut your mouth, and calmed down?” To which Amber replies that it would have gained her respect. Maybe Amber really is slowly learning. Amber’s therapist then does hypnosis on her. Can we talk about how freaky that was? I really hope that since Amber chose to stay an extra two weeks in treatment that she will make a swift recovery.

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