Teen Mom | Season 4, Episode 7 Recap

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Fresh Start

This week we see a lot happen with our favorite four girls on MTV’s Teen Mom:

Maci: I’ve said it before that Ryan’s parents bother me. They are so involved in Ryan’s life-which is great! Yet they don’t push him to be a better person and dad for Bentley. When Maci enrolls Bentley in preschool for the sole reason of his communicating with other kids his age, Ryan thinks it’s ridiculous. On the day that Ryan is supposed to pick Bentley up from preschool, Ryan calls Maci and says that he is just leaving Dalis’ house, about three hours away and will be unable to pick Bentley up. Poor Benny is so upset because he was told his dad would pick him up. When Ryan finally gets Bentley and takes him home, his parents quiz Maci taking him to preschool in the first place, with Mimi Jen making the comment “well, she can do what she wants on her time but I’d think she’d want to spend all the time she could with him.” Then both parents pressure Ryan to do something he obviously doesn’t want to do; file for 50/50 joint custody. Do they want Ryan to have joint custody or themselves? Because as Maci reveals Ryan doesn’t work, doesn’t have his own place, and his mom still takes off work anytime Ryan has Bentley. I understand where Maci is coming from saying that Ryan should be a better role model for Bentley, especially since Bentley tells Maci “it’s not Dad’s house, it’s Mimi’s.” Ryan’s parents should butt out.

Farrah: Farrah and her mom have a very nice last day. They go to eat, spend time with Sophia, and her mom tells her how proud she is of her. It’s nice to see the two get along for once. Farrah even goes on a date with a new man named Daniel. They seem cute together, and he shares that his niece is named Sophia as well, and most importantly that he loves kids! After seeing her mom off at the airport, Farrah plans a horseback riding second date with Daniel where they share a kiss while on their horses!

Amber: She’s finally home! Congratulations to Amber on completing rehab. This episode shows in her a much nicer light, staying relaxed, thanking everyone, and spending time with Leah. Any one else think it is a little weird that all the gifts she brought back for Leah are adult sized? Adult sized necklace and adult sized hat? Maybe this shows just how out of sync she is. But as we all know, Amber is currently serving a five-year sentence in jail and the previews of next week’s episode show her going right back to her old ways by screaming at Gary, cursing, and being generally unhappy.

Catelynn: Catelynn makes tacos for Tyler and their friends as they chat about school. Tyler is pushing Catelynn to go to the school and register because she only has one month left to do her financial aid, register for classes, and be enrolled. I can understand where he’s coming from because it is clear he only wants what’s best for Catelynn. Tyler decides to take his mom to the salon and he asks them to get rid of her 20-year-old hairstyle; a perm! The hairstyle straightens her hair and makes it lighter. Tyler is a genius because his mom looks awesome afterwards! Ty and his mom talk about his pushing Catelynn and his mom has some wise words. She tells him to not be fatherly to Catelynn because Cate needs a partner not a father. Ty returns home and Catelynn calls school to set up an appointment. Tyler than tells her “I hope you don’t think I’m pressuring you, this is just important to me.” Catelynn smiles, hugs him, and kisses his face.

Next week’s teaser looks interesting. Unfortunately, Tyler’s dad who is the closest he’s ever been to being “free” after spending 20 years on probation, in jail, and in the system gets into a fight with Catelynn’s mom and is sent back to jail. Tune in next week at 10 PM for more!

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