Teen Mom 2 | Season 3, Episode 1 Recap

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Still depressed over the end of Teen Mom? This is the exact medicine you need to make yourself feel better; the return of Teen Mom 2! We all know where last year left them, so let’s see what the new year and season has to bring:

Jenelle: This episode began with Jenelle’s story. Jenelle passed her first drug test, is more active in Jace’s life, and even registered for some college courses to better her life. Jenelle and her mom are even getting along and having a civilized conversation! They have even decided on a schedule to split the responsibility of Jace between them. I am so impressed, until of course Jenelle and her mom start fighting over how to bathe Jace and Jenelle goes out and smokes marijuana with her friend. She calls her best friend the following day to tell her how worried she is that she’s going to fail her drug test next week, and the truth is she will if she doesn’t clean out her system some way or another.

Chelsea: Chelsea’s up and down relationship with Adam is clearly the topic again this season. Chelsea and Adam are hanging out again and trying to make things work, despite everyone’s negative perspective of their relationship. Chelsea has been working long shifts and leaving Aubree with her mom. Because of her long shifts, Chelsea misses Aubree and decides to take the rest of her GED tests to get a job in a salon. Chelsea and Adam go on a date with Aubree to dinner and it’s like watching the first seasons all over again. Adam does nothing to help Chelsea when Aubree starts to act up and turns it around on Chelsea and says they should have ordered Chinese food and stayed in. The two decide to do that instead and leave the restaurant.

Kailyn: Last season, Kailyn and Jordan broke up because Kailyn cheated on him with Jo. This episode begins with Kail saying that she wants to be with Jo, and that they’re hanging out to see if they’re going to make it work. While this really excites me because I’ve always been team Jo and Kail, I already know from following her on twitter that she has a new fiancé. Yes, you read that right, Kail is engaged and it’s NOT to Jo. By the end of the episode we hear of Jo’s new girlfriend “Vee.” Vee was in Jo’s first music video for his new song and Kail begins to hear rumors that the two are hanging out. She decides to go ask Jo himself and is shocked when Jo is with Vee on his day with Isaac because Kail and him had hooked up a couple times. It’s apparent that Kailyn is crushed and hurt and that Jo was being sneaky. Kail invites Jo over to talk about things, and Jo tells her that things aren’t serious between him and Vee yet. And when Kailyn tells him that she was hurt, Jo tells her that they shouldn’t have had sex that first time when Kailyn was with Jordan. Kailyn replies “and we still did it again.” Then Kailyn starts crying and kicks Jo out. My heart is breaking in half for her. Out of every teen mom, Kailyn is the most independent and has achieved so much. She deserves to be happy.

Leah: Leah’s story line is probably the most dramatic. Last season we saw her get married to the twins’ dad Corey. We saw them fighting, allegations of cheating, and then the divorce. Corey pays child support and is involved in the girls’ life. Leah says that she wants to be with Corey again but that Corey doesn’t feel the same. Leah has to quit her job as a dental assistant because of the added stress of dealing with the split from Corey. We see Leah and Corey take Ali to her doctor’s appointment and things are very awkward between the two. They get good news though when the doctor says that Ali is making progress and that she will walk, just not as early as Aleeah. Things eventually work out for Leah and turn from bad to good as this season we will see Leah get engaged and married to another man, have a miscarriage, and then have a healthy pregnancy. She recently announced that she’s having another baby girl, so congratulations Leah!

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