The Game | Skeletons & The Truth Pact – Season 5, Episode 1

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Season 5 picked up right where it left off.

Melanie found her voice and got some balls and basically told Derwin, I killed a baby, deal with it! Melanie walks outside to cool down and gather her thoughts and lo and behold, who does she run into, but McHottie, Dr Shay. Who looks lovely, but is an even bigger a** than in season 3!

Derwin then as if to try and reassure Melanie it was ok to confess, states he knew she got pregnant in college, especially when she gained that weight and lost it in what appeared to be no time. Melanie is visibly uncomfortable and states the baby was Trey’s when they broke up during the Drew Sidora fiasco.

Trey Wiggs YOU ARE the father!

I had no doubt in my mind it was Trey. Hey why not? Food for thought: What would have happened if Melanie had given Trey a chance… Why on earth was Trey invited to DJ’s birthday party anyway, nothing good can come of that.

Derwin upset after finding out about who fathered Melanie’s aborted fetus didn’t come home that night. Where did he spend the night?

It seems that Janay has forgiven Melanie as they hold DJ’s birthday party at the Davis’ home. Didn’t Derwin and Melanie get married the day DJ was born, so therefore it is safe to assume it was their wedding anniversary, there was no word mentioned about this or maybe they didn’t want to celebrate because of the problems that are now surfacing in their marriage.

Since Melanie’s exes were on display, let’s bring back all the exes: Drew Sidora, Eggs, Hill Harper, Rick Fox, Robin Givens, Renee Royce & Roman, now that would be an episode!

Derwin knocking out Trey was a complete surprise. My feelings on that, he was dead wrong! He hit Trey because he was a college rival, Trey also had Derwin in a choke hold when moving Melanie out in season 2, he slept with Melanie and got her pregnant. I wonder if Trey even knew Melanie was with child.

A what we thought was a drunk Jenna Rice was actually a high Jenna Rice. Enter Marissa played by the awesome Jennifer Coolidge, yes Stifler’s mom who is Jenna’s concierge aka pharmaceutical representative. Smart thinking Tasha rightly wanted to call an ambulance. Love struck Malik wants to keep her away from the press. Not a wise idea at all, especially when they thought she was dead. But master of her craft, Marissa was able to revive Jenna, who is safely back in rehabilitation.

Marissa: Hi I’m Marissa, I’m Jenna’s personal concierge me and my pretty gun are here to collect, is she [Jenna] around?

I hope that on the season finale Kelly comes back to claim her man, Jason!

My only real issue with The Game is the time slot. I honestly believe 9/8c is the perfect time for the show to be aired. There appeared to be too many advertisements. Maybe that is because I was so hyped to watch the show, but remember, the ads help keep the show on the air. The season 5 premiere was a vast improvement on season 4, although I enjoyed and watched every episode last season. Season 4 to me was a test run for BET. It was successful, so we will get 22 episodes for season 5.

I see a few people commenting that The Game was better when it was on The CW. Although I am very grateful that The CW initially aired 3 seasons, they are also the ones who played musical chairs with it and eventually cancelled it. The direction The Game is now taking is solely the responsibility of Ms Mara Brock Akil who created and executive produces.

  • Derwin cannot stay a rookie as he is now the star of the Sabers and therefore can no longer be the runt of the litter.
  • Melanie is the CEO of the Davis’ legacy, is college educated, a medical doctor and is no longer the naive young “med school” we grew to love.
  • Kelly obviously was having problems adjusting to a divorcee’s life so her exit this season is not a surprise.
  • Tasha is mega rich and is no longer a hen-pecking mom to her spoiled, rude son, but a business woman who runs Tasha Mack Management very successfully.
  • Malik is not the skirt chasing, immature, bed hopping, hires strippers on the regular child we saw in season 1, he is growing up.
  • Jason, well he is still a skinflint, who is working on some race demons of his own and who is a single father responsible for a hell-raising teen daughter.

Nothing stays the same and to peak any interest should never be the same. We have seen The Game jump networks, change direction, mature and develop story lines before our eyes. With this change there will be many things that make us angry, sad, cry, happy, think what the hell or laugh out loud.

Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts – Arnold Bennett

Lastly we now know who Melanie was pregnant for. How the hell did Derwin find out about McHottie?

Character of the week:

Jason Pitts

He was hilarious & had the best one liners in tonight’s episode.

Jason: Some of my best friends wives are black women

Next week tune into a new episode of The Game “No Money, Mo Problems” only on BET at 10/9c. What were your thoughts?

– Stacey 🙂

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