The Joycelyn Savage Story | Chapter 2 | R Kelly Chokes Joycelyn Until She’s Unconscious

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Trigger Warning: Domestic Violence

Joycelyn Savage & R Kelly

Joycelyn Savage & R Kelly

Joycelyn Savage continues her tell all via Patreon about her life with Robert Sylvester Molester Kelly.

Do You Love Me or Do You Want To Hurt Me?

Sorry for the delay i was really hesitant to post part 2 because of the backlash from part 1, it just made me feel vulnerable.

After months staying with Robert as I said previously in my last chapter “Where it all started” things tend to get worse. It was nights I mean every night Robert would get drunk, and that’s where most of his anger came from. He told me I couldn’t do certain stuff without him knowing first or his assistant. I started to slip into a depression because it was days i just wanted to get a breath of fresh air , smell flowers, go shopping , see my family but it was just stripped away from me. He cut my phone off because I spoke to my friends/family without him knowing, and that’s when I realized something isn’t right I didn’t know if this was the same Robert I met. I kept thinking to myself he just wants me to be safe, he wants the best for me he thinks someone is going to take me away from him. But it was me being delusional why would someone claim to love keep me locked up like some damn animal. All of that shopping and taking me everywhere to my favorite stores stopped around February 2016.

I remember one incident very vividly we were in the house and I called him to ask him could he get me food but I said “Hey babe” instead of the two names I was forced to call him. He grabbed me and choked me until I blacked out. I had bruises around my neck, and I was told by him to wear a turtle necks or a scarf to cover them up whenever he would take me out in public. I was frightened to tell anyone about this because of what he may do next. His assistant didn’t even care, and especially the other girls they were in for the money as well. Robert would bring different girls home that stayed just like me, and they were definitely younger then me. I couldn’t talk to the girls he brought home; I noticed I had a certain amount of time with Robert then the other girls in the house. I couldn’t talk to any of them until it was my time I had to wait in my room until rob was ready for me or his assistant will come in get me. I was forced to come out of my room some days I didn’t feel like being Roberts cum rag or punching bag. This shit was abusive the relationship just couldn’t get any worser, and all of that talk about my career went straight down the drain.

(Side Note) – I know I’m not very good with my grammar, I am planning on going back to school once I get my mindset on the right track. I’ve learned to not care about what people say about me these past couple of years. If you don’t support my story then why are you here? Keep the negativity away. I’ve been through soo much, and witness things no one has. These celebrities that’s making fun of my grammar for instants Caresha — *Careesha please dont speak on my grammar when you havent had a hit since act up. Everything is not always a joke!

*Caresha is Yung Miami of the rap duo The City Girls.

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