Tia and Tamera – 1st Episode

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Sisters & Weddings-Oh My!

Most of the blogs on Reality Wives are about Basketball Wives and The Real Housewives. It is a nice change to blog and recap about women that don’t use drama, backbiting and immaturity as ratings boosters.

Tia and Tamera grew up before our eyes as child stars on the sitcom Sister, Sister. Tia stars on BET’s The Game is married to Cory Hardrict and about to give birth to their first son. Tamera is engaged to be married to Fox news correspondant, Adam Housley.

We see the ladies tackle personal issues, such as Tamera feeling that Tia is not pulling her weight when she was initially given the task of being the maid of honor, instead Tia is busy promoting The Game and scheduling photo shoots amongst many other things. Tia then responds that Tamera hasn’t volunteered to go to any of her ultra sounds.

Tia poses tastefully in a nude picture and gives it to Cory as a gift. She at this point has not decided whether or not she will allow a magazine to use the cover shot. She of course does allow the picture to be made public.

Tamera informs Tia that her best friend will be her maid of honor, while Tia will be the matron of honor, this doesn’t sit well with Tia at first. Tia almost misses Tamera’s bridal shower which was planned by the maid of honor Andrea Regalado, as she was dehydrated and had a brief stay in the hospital. Full House child star Candace Cameron Bure who is a friend of the twins was in attendance at the shower.

Tamera and Adam shared that many people online have commented on their relationship in that Tamera is marrying a white man. Tamera is half white, and even if she were not, what does it matter? Race should be the least of anyone’s concern when marrying. Tamera pointed out, God is the important factor in their marriage, nothing else. I completely agree. This is 2011 as long as God is on their side, nothing else matters.

The first episode was emotional as both sisters felt left out of each others lives at some point. But they resolved whatever problems they had with communicating as adults.

It is a refreshing change to see Tia & Tamera back together on this show and sharing such important moments in their lives with us. We don’t often get too many reality shows that are wholesome and not based on in fighting with families and friends or drama. Mrs Hardrict and Mrs Housley have grown up before our eyes, to become beautiful, hardworking and sensible women. Let’s support their new show!

Tia & Tamera airs Mondays on Style Network 9/8c for local listings go to TV Guide

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