Tia Mowry On Baby Cree & Tamera’s Pregnancy

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Where Has the Time Gone?

Tia Mowry spoke to US Weekly, about becoming a first time mom with Cree and her sister’s pregnancy.

Cree is almost 1 and time has definitely flung by. I cannot believe it! I’m like, ‘Whoa, where has the time gone? He’s not this tiny little newborn anymore! And I’m already missing that stage. So I can’t imagine when he’s, like, 18 and he’s going away to college, I’m going to miss him! I can’t even think about that right now.”

While Cree continues to achieve his own mini-milestones, Tia is busy helping her famous twin sister, Tamera, prepare for the arrival of her own firstborn.

When the baby comes, your natural instincts are going to kick in. Follow your instincts and as soon as that baby comes out, you’re automatically going to know what to do. I spent hundreds of dollars on these classes that teach you how to feed a baby, burp a baby, swaddle them you really don’t have to take classes for that.

In fact, Tia recently authored a book, Oh, Baby! Pregnancy Tales and Advice From One Hot Mama to Another, with the intention of helping millions of future mothers prepare for child rearing.

All the books I had read were extremely medically driven, and it was all the bad things that happen during your pregnancy.”I’m like, ‘Look. I’m scared. I’m already anxious. I don’t need to be reminded about this.’ So I wanted to write a book that was informative, fun, comedic and kind of coming from a girlfriend’s perspective.

Tia & Tamera season 2 premieres June 11 on the Style Network.

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