Tia Mowry Finds Strength After Cree criticism

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‘Everybody has been a product of some sort of bullying’

Tia Mowry spoke to Sister 2 Sister magazine about her feelings after reading comments calling her son Cree ‘ugly’. Tia doesn’t care what you think about her son, he is her miracle and that will not stop her from showing him off.

“He’s the biggest joy of my life. Why would I want to hide that? The thing is that Cree lives in the real world. To overly protect him—I think—will hurt him. This isn’t the last time somebody’s going to critique him or pick on him. Everybody has been a product of some sort of bullying. Everyone has a right to an opinion. To control someone’s opinion, I don’t know if that’s realistic, but you can choose. There are certain things you should say, or you shouldn’t say. It does hurt when you do hear things that are not positive and see things that are not positive. We’re real people. For people to say they’re not affected by it, I don’t know if they’re being honest.

Since the comments, fans have showed their love for Cree and Tia in vast numbers.

“I have gotten so much support and love from my fans. I never realized, I guess I never really realized the power of support from fans until this situation that came about. A lot of people who kind of always wanted to say something about the issue… this was their platform to talk about it. One woman said something about how her child had Down syndrome and how nasty this world can be. Happiness and joy and focusing on the positive is a choice. It’s making me a stronger person”.

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