Tia Mowry Wants Another Baby Very Soon

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When I found out that Tamera was pregnant, I wanted to ask Tia when are you going to have another, I didn’t have to as Tia spoke to Access Hollywood and shared her thoughts.

“I would love to go through that again. I didn’t have such an amazing pregnancy experience as my sister… but it’s an amazing feeling being pregnant. I would love to have another baby very soon, sooner than later.

Tamera: “Overall, I’ve had a pretty well pregnancy. Now, it’s getting a little bit more difficult. I lost my voice because of acid reflux,” said Tamera, who’s expecting a baby boy. “And my knees sometimes hurt because of the weight I’m carrying.”

Tamera: “I find that the more I exercise, the better I feel. I just walk. I walk almost every day just for 30 minutes. Then, I do palates.”

Tia: “There are certain things that we do want to keep private.”

Tia: “We’re both married, and our husbands, they come in and out, but my sister and I, we’re very private about our relationships with our husbands, and we want to stay married.”

“There’s just something that seems to happen with people when they expose too much of their marriage,“ they said.

Watch more from Tia and Tamera below.

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