Tia & Tamera | Episode 6 Recap

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Holey Mole-y

This evenings episode is quite good, at least I think so.

Tamera wants to babysit her nephew Cree for the first time, because she is considering having a baby of her own. What brings her to this is that she is in a stationary store with her cousin Jerome, looking for a thank you card for her agent and manager, but all she can focus on is all the baby items instead. That has happen to me on many occasions, getting distracted from what I should be buying, lol.

So Jerome and Tamera agree on this decision and they give Tia a call to ask her about babysitting Cree.

Tia meets up with her cousin and sister for lunch, they are having a good time, enjoying great conversation and then Tamera asks ‘the’ question. Of course Tia is hesitant, this is her first child ever and she is very close to her son. She doesn’t think that Tamera won’t do a great job, heck she doesn’t even let her own mother babysit. You know how we were when we were first time mothers, very protective, maybe a little over-protective, but it comes with the title. Tia agrees to go ahead and let Tamera babysit, let’s see how this turns out.

In the meantime, over lunch, Jerome discovers that Tia has a mole on her neck and wonders how long it’s been there. Tamera sees it and says she has one too. Actually the girls never really thought anything of their moles.

Even though Tamera is eager to babysit; she is still auditioning for television shows. She wants to book a job and let the world know that she is no longer that little girl from many years ago in the sitcom “Sister Sister”.

Back to the mole on Tia’s neck; Jerome and Tamera are asking about it again and tell Tia that she needs to go and have it checked out. Not only does Tia go and have her mole looked at by the doctor, Tamera goes along with her and has the two on her back checked too.

The doctor tells them that he will not know if the mole is cancerous until he removes it and has it tested. You know that this is way too much for these girls to handle. Tamera, the one who over examines things and Tia, the motherly one. Let’s just go and have it looked at and be done with it already.

In the midst of Tamera babysitting her nephew, Tia calls their cousin Jerome and asks him to go over to her house, just to check on Tamera and see how things are going. Now what kind of sister is she? Where is the trust, and the love? Not to mention, Tia hid a camera in a teddy bear to catch all the action anyway, so why does Jerome need to go by the house. Not too cool on the camera thing, she needs to trust Tamera a lot more than she does.

Everyone wins in this episode. Tia goes and has her mole removed, the doctor has test done on it and all is well, it’s not cancerous, but Tamera didn’t go for her appointment due to an audition. So let’s just hope and pray that Mrs Housley goes and has her mole checked out too. Your health is nothing to play with. Tamera’s first time babysitting Cree went well. She did an incredible job, she and her nephew had a great time. Tia does later confess to Tamera the next day and showed her the teddy bear with the camera in it; no hard feeling from Tamera. Congratulations to Tamera for getting a new gig, a new show; she scored big time and is now ready for a baby. Tamera tells her husband that instead of waiting for two years to start a family, she is ready now and he is too. Green light lets go and make a baby.

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