Uber Drivers Upset About Muslim Ban, Leaving For Lyft

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Uber drivers are quitting because they’re pissed about the company’s response to the “Muslim ban,’ and about the CEO’s relationship with President Trump and they’re fleeing to the competition.

Drivers in California, New York, Pennsylvania and North Carolina tell TMZ they’ve joined the #DeleteUber movement along with thousands of customers. Uber driver Jonathan who’s shot some epic YouTube vids with customers — says he’s done working for and promoting Uber because CEO Travis Kalanick “continues to be feeble in making a strong stance against the President’s policies.”

A driver in NY told us he was disgusted Uber crossed strike lines at JFK airport where taxi drivers were protesting the Muslim ban and used it as an opportunity to make some easy money.

Most of the drivers we spoke to said they had applied, or were already working with Lyft because they feel it’s a more honest and “socially conscious” company. Lyft pledged $1 mil to the ACLU.

Uber wouldn’t comment on drivers bolting, but pointed out Kalanick sent a company-wide memo Friday night stating Trump’s ban was wrong, and he intended to discuss it with the President later this week.

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