University Of Alabama Sorority Sister Posts Racist Snapchat

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University of Alabama Sorority

As new members of University of Alabama’s sororities celebrated their newfound adoption into their sisterhoods this weekend, one member of the Chi Omega sorority chose to express her excitement through a Snapchat of her smiling face and the faces of two friends, subtitled with the brag “Chi O got NO n*ggas!!!!!”

Update: After an update was posted to a Total Frat Move post calling the Snapchat’s validity into question, the site took the entire post down.

The Snap had been circulating on social media before being reported on by the school paper The Crimson White and on Total Frat Move with the faces of the girls in the photo underneath the text blurred out.

UofA Student Posts Snapchat Bragging Her Sorority ‘Got NO Niggas!!!!!’

Not only is the image offensive, it is apparently inaccurate. Recruitment at UofA just concluded and all Panhellenic sororities offered bids to black women, with two black women pledging Chi Omega. “21 black women and 169 women who identified as members of other racial minorities ran alongside their new sisters on Bid Day, each clutching an invitation to join a Panhellenic sorority at The University of Alabama,” reported the Crimson White this weekend.

Chi Omega was one of the sororities that was the most heavily critiqued in the Crimson White’s exposé from last year on Greek life at the University. According to a Facebook post by Chi Omega Nationals, the girl who sent the Snap has been removed from the chapter.


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