Vegan Restaurant Owners Defend Their Child Showing Anus To Customers & Defecating On The Floor

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Kristie & Adam Jeffrey with their children.

Kristie & Adam Jeffrey with their children.

Here is Imagine a Vegan Café located in Memphis, Tennessee. They’re a family owned and run establishment – Adam and Kristie Jeffrey are the couple who owns the business. Good for them.

Imagine Vegan Cafe

Chelsea Bartley reviewed Imagine.

“On the real, I eat here all the time. I still probably will bc I like to go out and there are few options available to me BUT y’all listen
During my visit, a bare butt naked baby was running around, stood up on a table with its black theyre so dirty feet, and bent over to show me it’s butthole. I wish I was exaggerating. This is like while I’m eating, and it’s the owners kids? An older kid came over and started like yodeling and staring at me during my meal. I was SO uncomfortable. Like I get it’s a family establishment and kids do weird things but naked baby was running around for like 15 minutes while all the workers started are just standing to the side talking and laughing over it.

And for my food, I can heat up a tofurky sausage just as well and in under half the time.”

Vegan Cafe-review

Now this sounds farfetched a child showing off it’s butthole to patrons. No. We live in a civilized society. Diaperless children don’t run free in restaurants while tax paying citizens and restaurant patrons are eating.

But then the restaurant responded to the review and then deleted the post on its facebook page, after 2,000 comments.

Imagine Vegan Cafe

Imagine Vegan Cafe-response-1
Imagine Vegan Cafe-response-RW

Another review:
Imagine Vegan Cafe-review-1

Now if this really did happen. Did anyone call the health inspector, take a picture. That is absolutely disgusting. While an establishment has the right to run it’s business the way it wants to. There are certain protocols that human expect when visiting a place where they eat the food that people are preparing. Namely naked children are a no. Doo-dooing on the floor in the restaurant is a serious no. If the children are allowed to run free like rabid dogs in public in the restaurant can you image what happens in the kitchen?

The couple speaks to local news.

The couple speaks to local news.

The 35-year-old former airline attendant states she responded so harshly, “Because it affected my children, we get bad reviews all the time. Bad reviews don’t bother me at all. I welcome them. But when you start making false accusations against my children, that’s when I lost it. I don’t work for a corporation. This is my business. You’re not going to talk about my children and get away with it.”

It appears that because their first facebook page had so many 1 star reviews, they made another page. This is absolute mess.


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