V@gine Kill3r GI@NT D*ck J*hn S*lley; On*ka M*r@j Slightly Warm Tea

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Sent in by a reader:

“Ok so I posted some ‘te@’ recently about B@y & J#y’s joint album, as seen here …

So, I was talking to a very good friend about J Sal. (Old heads) I only knew about JS as he hosted the BBW reunion’s.

Dude has a d*ck to wreck your insides!!!!!!!!! I mean mess you up, can’t walk, can’t talk, disablement D*CK!

She told me she used to f8ck him on the regular (slightly) he was WAY TOO BIG, that d*ck was nicknamed the uterus killer, she showed me her forearm for reference.

J*hn wanted to be her ATL boyfriend, he bathed her, massaged her, did all the little nice things to butter her hup, because he knows, he’s too big for any human woman.

….. but when he whipped out his manhood, she almost passed out. His D could kill people. IT WAS THAT BIG. There wasn’t much sex as he was so HUGE!!!!! No lie.

Apparently he and his wife N@t@sha D*ffy who have married since 1993, (I don’t know how) had an agreement, he could sleep with whomever, as long as he was discreet, because even the wife couldn’t deal with that massive tree truck of a d*ck. It was that f*Kin big. He was murdering uterus’ one at a f*kin time.


Onik@ has no beef with Renaissance Stabba ghetto queen Ma, Oni couldn’t give a sh*t. When she came out with ‘nappier’ wigs, prior to the single / album release, info, her people has issues with her look. She wasn’t wearing the silky lacefronts they were comfortable with. They wanted her to look like the crazy she came out with. She wanted to be herself, change a little.


FYI. My info has always been correct. RW never questions it. I love this site.”

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