Whose Voice Was On The 911 Call On The Night Trayvon Martin Was Shot Dead?

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So whose voice was on the disputed 911 call on the night Trayvon Martin was shot dead? Teenager’s mother said it was HIM – but Zimmerman’s mother swears in court it was HER son
The ninth day of testimony in George Zimmerman’s murder trial began with Trayvon Martin’s mother Sybrina Fulton, left, resolutely stating that it was her son screaming for his life, and it ended with Gladys Zimmerman, right, making the same claim after the prosecution finally rested its case. Meanwhile, associate county medical examiner, Dr Shiping Bao, who performed the autopsy on Trayvon’s body the day after his death, confirmed the teen’s cause of death was from a 9mm gunshot wound to his chest. ‘My belief is he was still alive, he was still in pain, he was still suffering’, he said. ‘I believe he was alive for one to ten minutes after he was shot.

Gladys Zimmerman said the screams on the 911 call belonged to her son George
Sybrina Fulton took to the stand earlier when she unequivocally stated after hearing the 911 call from February 26: ‘I heard my son screaming’,
Jahvaris Martin said today that he wasn’t sure at first about who the screams belonged to because he was clouded by shock, sadness and denial’.
Dr Shiping Bao performed the autopsy on Trayvon Martin’s body the next day and said he believed the teen was alive for one to ten minutes after he was shot.
George Zimmerman’s uncle Jorge Meza takes the stand and tells the court: ‘That voice just came and hit me. Not only did I hear the scream but I felt it. I know it was my Georgie, I felt it’.
Expert Anthony Gorgone said Zimmerman’s DNA was found on Trayvon’s hoodie and in the sweatshirt he wore underneath. He did not, however, find any on the cuffs of the teen’s hoodie. Gorgone told the court that tests of Zimmerman’s gun revealed the neighborhood watch volunteer’s DNA on the firearm’s grip – but not Trayvon Martin’s.
Attorneys: The prosecution is expected to rest today in the case against George Zimmerman, right, and his defense team Mark O’Mara, left, and Don West, center, will take over.

Sybrina Fulton, right, Trayvon Martin’s mother, walks past the defense table after taking the stand during George Zimmerman’s trial in Seminole circuit court today.
George Zimmerman and defense attorney Mark O’Mara talk during an early morning recess in Zimmerman’s trial in Seminole Circuit Court, in Sanford on Wednesday.  What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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