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Hollywood Divas, TV One’s latest reality series starring Golden Brooks, Elise Neal, Paula Jai Parker, Countess Vaughn and Lisa Wu. This new one-hour reality series highlights the ups and downs of black actresses trying to navigate career, family and relationships, while attempting to stay relevant in an unpredictable entertainment industry known for overlooking black talent. In an effort to stay relevant, these forgotten stars decide to think outside the box, band together and take matters into their own hands to create their own short film and, hopefully, stage their own comeback. But are these ladies willing to put their egos aside to make it work, especially with a reality star in the mix? Or will they fall prey to the drama and become the reality star stereotypes they hate? Tune in October 8 at 10/9c to find out!

lisa wu
Lisa Wu shot to fame with her role on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She is unwillingly tied to the stigma that reality stars have no talent but Lisa has credits to rival those in Hollywood. Prepared to come in and use her talents to fight for her place in this business, Lisa doesn’t think other actresses should be upset by her presence. Instead, they should get to know the real person she is and not the reality star she portrayed.

In the clique-ish world of Hollywood, it is great when a black actress finds herself on the inside. Paula Jai Parker knows this answer all too well. She was accepted and dated within the circle, but once she married a former production assistant she met on set, she had to suffer the consequences. Known for her roles in Hustle & Flow, Friday and She Hate Me, Paula’s career also suffered once she had a child she affectionately named Onederful. With her sights on getting her name back in the spotlight and move out of the hotel she lives in with the family, a new project may actually help Paula reclaim her fame.

Elise Neal is a black actress who has no problem with self-confidence. She eats healthy, works out and knows that she’s a great looking 48 year-old starlet. She’s been fortunate to land several lead roles on TV shows like The Hughleys and All of Us, and great films including, Rosewood and Hustle and Flow. As a result, Elise knows her worth and what she brings to the table as a multi-faceted actress. But Elise knows as a black actress you have to wear more than one hat. Therefore, she is going to reignite her dance troupe, Elise and Assorted Flavors, and show the world that she is a true triple threat!

Golden Brooks known for roles on hit movies like Beauty Shop and Something New, and the mega successful hit show Girlfriends and Heart of Dixie is on the search to discover the next big hit! Like many black actresses, Golden has several layers to her craft which include dance and poetry but feels there isn’t certain avenues allotted for Black actresses to showcase their skill set. A doting mom to a precocious 4 year old girl named Dakota, this single mother is ready to have it all. And with her eyes on the prize, this beauty is determined to achieve just that.

countess_vaughnCountess Vaughn, a child star, has been dealing with being a Hollywood actress since a very early age. Like most women in Hollywood, sometimes Countess felt she couldn’t measure up to most of the leading ladies she co-starred with on her past television shows. Once The Parkers ended, Countess took some time out to being a mother a wife. She currently has two children, one from a previous marriage and one with her current boyfriend, David, a construction worker who also has a child from a previous relationship. Their blended family has been her focus over the last few years. Now, Countess is ready to get back to work. She knows its an excellent time to get back out there and believes that Hollywood is noticing the black actress again.

Source: TV ONE


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