Watch, Lil Fizz In “Good Lotion” Feat Moniece Slaughter; Good Lotion Get’s Roasted

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Check out the video for “Good Lotion”, by Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star, Lil Fizz. I didn’t think he was going to go with that title. I like the beat.

Hmmmm. What had me in stitches were the comments on his masterpiece:

  • This track needs some lotion, it’s dry as f*ck!!!!!
  • It’s really not that bad to me…. Given the standards of today’s music lol, I think it’s right on point
  • moniece under-eye bags omg
  • why does this sound like a track Hakeem from empire would do? lmfao
  • it was from her stressin on them hoes she needa lay back….watch….and laugh…and forget about them hoes…thats why everyone hates her ass :)…she needa do her…not everyone else
  • putting her terrible bags aside moniece is really talented
  • I been a fan of Fizz since b2k. He was the one I had posters and shirts of lmao. But im sorry baby, I don’t like this. im sorry.
  • Those bags under Moniece’s eyes needs some GOOD LOTION
  • “I like it when you looking decent”????? N*gga, these lyrics are a beast! And he dead serious about wanting these p*ssies smelling like roses and peaches and cream. He must have run up on a funky chick before he wrote this! He sounds traumatized.
  • why the f*ck the intro sound like some star wars type shit?
  • How you gonna sleep on under-eye concealer for Moniece while rappin’ about Good Lotion? “#confused
  • I like it, it’s actually pretty decent. Yall are some haters, but be the same mfs bumping Young Thug gay ass music. Smh! I’m glad Moniece pretty ass was in the video except for Nikki. Why does she have bags under her eye like that though? She must be having a hard time.
  • “Yeaaa it’s a no for me dawg”.
  • Okay. So the beat was FIRE. Unfortunately Fizzs delivery was mediocre if not, a fail. Moniece looked great EXCEPT the OBVIOUSLY FLAWED make up under her eyes. And that white girl was so BASIC. Damn Fizz
  • fizz delivery was straight garbage
  • I’m sure Chris Stokes had his bottle of lotion on deck while watching Fizz in the video!
  • I guess I’m the only one that actually like this song.
  • Its not about hating on this artist, its about higher standards. Based on his past work some people are looking to hear and see quality. Moniece is a beautiful woman, but the makeup artist should take another class on concealing flaws. What was the reason for having the Selena look alike, it starts to look like many other videos, he should have had Moniece throughout the video.
  • If a dude ever calls me ” new ocean” he’s packing his swim trunks and getting the hell out of my house. ✋
  • Why is ol’ girl at the beginning marinating in a slow cooker…#RealQuestion
  • I thought it was performance art or something at first then….it wasn’t. So now on top of the mediocrity, they have to sanitize somebodies slow cooker.
  • Why do I feel like I’ve heard this song a thousand times before?
  • Because it sounds just like any other trash song that plays nowadays
  • Sound like some shit off Empire. This cool but that autotune disrespects my ears.
  • Lil Fizz trying to make a comeback like Omarion. Not gonna happen! lol
  • I should known from the title this shit would be wack..
  • Yes..everytime I get out the shower I be like mama where is the good lotion at she be like say it one mo time lol
  • What the hell was Fizz wearing? Can’t believe some MEN think that dressing like an idiot makes them “cute.” Anyways, the video was low budget, Fizz can’t sing for his life, his lyrics are dumb as hell and Monice bags are distracting. Both of them should just be together since both of them are a hot mess. Beat is awesome, but Fizz can’t sing. And the ending what the f*** was that????? MESSY.
  • Yo, why is everything in auto tune?! Did you have a cold when you recorded this or something, I really just don’t understand. On a positive note at least the video looks real unlike Joseline and Stevie’s stuff that looks like it was shot in their backyard.
  • lame and the one of the females are a disappointment. I can’t believe cats pay money in Cali for this type of product
  • This Sound Like Some Empire Shit .. Yazz (Hakeem) Shoula Did This Song With Tianna Or Ole Girl From That Lil Girl Group
  • why wouldn’t you just keep the curly hair’d 1, why add your dramatic asss bm, this light skin nigga making us look bad
  • more like cheap lotion
  • i agree with that one person this track needs moisturizers lotion because this track is too damn dry lmfao
  • Feeling the ash slowly developing on my elbows listening to this dry ass dehydrated song…
  • Why that girl wearing them old destiny child say my name heels.
  • I thought moniece was going to be the leading lady..she was only shown twice
  • Well…..he tried. instead, of that lotion he should grab some moisturizer for his frizzy hair
  • should’ve only done the hook with autotune, could’ve been a solid 5/10, this a solid 3/10 !
  • LLOOOOOOOL i actually feel sorry for Fizz.., what no one could tell him this song was garbage or …
  • this n*gga singen bout Jergens!
  • Awwww he grew up to be soooooo HANDSOME!!! ;-))))
  • Say something nice about this video Challenge: his backpack is cute
  • I think Moniece did her own makeup for this shoot….These eye bags are out of control.
  • im so confused. is he rapping about ligit lotion.. like is this promotional for the lotion ? lmao i cant.
  • it’s on point. their also promoting her sex line good lotion must be one of her products
  • SINGS: this autotune needs some GOOD LOTION
  • U just can’t have a bomb beat like this with lyrics as lame and wack as that … that’s not okay
  • This song’s concept was poorly executed it shouldn’t have been a single
  • ain’t seen shit but a bottle, not one drop of lotion. but OKAY lol
  • Good lotion? Fizz what you need is a “GOOD HIT” Cause this aint it bruh
  • What exactly did I watch???? lol What a waste!
  • monice should have taken a few day sleep before this video…eye bags are killing us
  • All that lotion yet still dry…I was kinda expecting to see him rubbing lotion on about 6 chicks (Miss Nikki Baby being the leading chick Fizz rubs lotion on), take ya bm out the video, that book bag gots to gooo! The song has it’s potential being that it sounds like everything else I hear today…the vid just needs a better concept to push the song; btw, I’ve been a B2K/ Lil’ Fizz fan since ’01 ( this is a love comment ) that is all 🙂
  • Chris Stokes was using good lotion on B2K
  • I rather have Cheap Baby Oil!
  • THIS??!…..THIS is what ive been waiting on this low budget ass cricket phone shot video I’m dead
  • I do not understand…
  • he over here talking bout lotion when i see his ex would really use some cocobutter!!!:)
  • When your single is a bust and you gotta sign on for 3 more seasons of Love & HipHop


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