Wendy Williams Came For Tabitha Brown, Tabitha Responds

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Gossip show host Wendy Williams had something to say about actress and vegan influencer Tabitha Brown retiring her husband Chance Brown who was a police officer. ⁣

Social media personality Tabitha Brown responded & read Wendy Williams after the talk show host disagreed with Tabitha’s decision to help her husband retire after 15 years as a police officer. ⁣

• “Wendy the pain you must be in to feel this way, honey, I’m so sorry. Twenty-three years I’ve been with my husband, broke for a very long time together. Struggled for a very long time together. Succeeded for the last couple of years together.”⁣

• “I pray you find somebody who loves you the way my man loves me.”⁣

• “He [my husband] took a job 15 years ago, to help support my dream, and I know you may not know what that looks like…”⁣



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