VIDEO | Wendy Williams’ Husband, Kevin Hunter’s ‘Mistress’, Sharina Hudson, Gives Birth To A Baby Girl

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Not even Wendy Williams deserves this.

According to vlogger Unwine With Taska K (who Cardi B is suing for alleging she has herpes, is a prostitute and does drugs) Wendy Williams sister wife, Sharina Hudson has just given birth to a baby girl. Kevin Hunter is finally a dad to a girl smh. The baby was born on Wednesday 22nd March 2019. Tasha also alleges that the baby was back in the hospital as marijuana was found in the baby’s system.

Wendy paid cash for the hospital visit, Kevin isn’t on the birth certificate and the baby was born in Pennsylvania.

Sharina must be new, even I knew you don’t allow just anyone to get through to your room at the hospital, they have procedures for that – vpassword or code so that you keep out family, friends or in this case bloggers from getting all your info.

Tasha did lie to gain access to the room, but before you all go nuts on her, remember when Wendy was on the radio and called the hotel that Bobby brown was staying in while Whitney was in rehab? Well Wendy lied telling the operator she was his sister, to get him on the phone for listeners.

This is just too salacious to be true, wuoldn’t it be something if Sharina was a relative of Kevin’s….


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