White On White Violence | Racist Woman Gets Slapped Up, Lies About Being Attacked

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So I came upon this video today.

A bold racist lady in the blue dress forgot that not all people her complexion agree with her sentiments.

The clip starts off with the younger white woman taking off her shoes in order to properly defend herself. The bold lady in the blue dress gets in her face and grabs her around her neck.

The younger woman got up and beat the bold racist to the ground. After a few seconds security stepped in.

When the police arrived, the racist lied and said she was attacked but because there was video evidence she was proven wrong.

According to an eye witness who posted the story on twitter:

  • So the full story told on twitter, woman in the blue told me there was water in the elevator and that we should clean it, “it’s a lawsuit waiting to happen and you know these Haitians.”
  • & then the woman in the gray walked up and said “I know you dud bit sat sine racist ass sh*t like I thought”.
  • Then the lady in the blue started to act real hard and walked up to the man in the suit you see and started telling him how, “all you blacks are all the sane”, and that’s when homegirl started taking off her shoes and got ready to rumble.
  • So to let ya’ll know I chose to have the woman in the blue kicked out and the one in the gray was able to stay.
  • Also the woman in the blue I’m not sure if she’s pregnant or not there’s no way to confirm.

So the dummy is 3 months pregnant and decides to fight a fit able young woman?

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