Why Is This Confusing? Some Black Babies Are Born Lighter Than Their Parents

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I never thought I would have to write an article about this.

Dear world, some Black babies are born light skinned, dark skinned, brown skinned, looking ‘white’, ‘Indian’, ‘Asian’ etc,.

Why is this a thing?

We reported about and posted a picture of Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Porsha Williams newborn baby, Pilar Jhena McKinley.

pilar mckinley


Here are some of the comments from all races on social media commenting on Pilar’s color.

The first person on IG asked why is Pilar so white, I explained, she then deleted her comment out of fear, embarrassment or her joke fell flat. Then another person asked and I gave the same response.

Pilar color comments-RW

The skin color of babies of all races comes from sharing oxygen with their mothers. Minutes after birth, newborn skin turns pink and hands and feet may stay bluish for a few days until blood circulation matures.

Melanin is not immediately present in newborn skin. An infant’s skin can take up to six months to reach its permanent color. Newborn skin develops its permanent color as melanin is produced. Dictionary.com reports that melanin’s dark brown coloring is produced by skin cells exposed to sunlight.

A newborn baby has never been exposed to UV-B radiation and therefore no melanin has formed, so mostly all newborn babies are light skinned.

As time passes and the baby is exposed to sunlight (and thus UV-B radiation), the melanocytes will synthesize melanin to their ability and the inherent skin hue be established.

Here are twins Isabella and Gabriella Shipley. Their parents are Black, mom Clementina states they are African American.

Isabella & Gabriella Shipley are Black twins, they both have different colors.

“It has been an amazing reception sharing our babies online. It really shows how amazing black genes are since we can create such unique babies. Also some people think they must be mixed but they are African-American, gray eyes run in our family so two of our three children have them, once again showing how amazing African-American genes are,” Clementine Shipley mother of Isabella and Gabriella Shipley.

Here are the twins as newborns, they were lighter than they are now:


Newborn Isabella & Gabriella Shipley

Here is Angelina, the Shipley twins big sister:

Angelina Shipley

You can follow the Shipley sisters on instagram.

This is also true for eye color in other races too, most babies are born with blue eyes that can darken in their first three years. Darkening occurs if melanin, a brown pigment usually not present at birth, develops with age. Children can have completely different eye colors than either of their parents.

Porsha is not dark skinned her mother is a little lighter than her. Why is this an issue?

No one questions if a white baby is born with blue eyes when the parents both have brown eyes, but when a Black woman births a light skinned baby, all hell and ignorant and nasty comments break loose. So for those who don’t understand, two dark skinned Black people can have a light skinned, dark skinned or any color baby due to genetics. Also here’s the kicker, a light skinned Black couple can also have dark skinned, light skinned or any color baby also due to genetics.

Lastly google is your friend and is free.

What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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