Married Woman, 21, Shares On Facebook She’s Pregnant With Fifth Child, Commenters Are Called Haters

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Zoria Franklin from Prattville, Alabama posted a picture of herself earlier this week sharing that she was 21, pregnant with her fifth child and she was proud!

“I’m 21 and pregnant with my fifth child and I couldn’t be any happier. It takes a strong woman to take on a big responsibility that I have. So I might be young but I will never be ashamed on how many kids I have because I did things the right way. Married to the father of all my kids, in my own , with my own now talk about that “

Zoria Franklin-pregnant-21-lg

The post quickly went viral with over 19,000 shares and 3,000 comments.

Many pointed out that Mrs Franklin, just days earlier stated she has to get her GED.
Her first child has a different last name from her next three.
That being married doesn’t mean you, your spouse or your children have quality of life.
Mrs Franklin’s first child is 5 so she got pregnant at 15 and had her first child at 16.

On the 23rd March she posted:
“Let me make something clear…
I never once stated that it was ok to have kids young. What I’m saying is for the people who down talk me and criticize me for my past my future is definitely making up for it. Also my post was to encourage all my beautiful young women who had kids young never let anyone tell you that you can’t do it because you can. I had to grow up early and take care of my responsibilities as a woman. So I will never be ashamed and regret my past or my kids because God planned it for me and now I have the most remarkable testimony to fall back on.
Thanks to all my supporters
Soon to be young, married, mommy of 5”

17th March:
“Someone please tell me some good apartments in pratville please like asap 3 bedroom”

16th March:
“I’m so ready to get my GED just don’t know where to start in getting it “

& this gem, the same day:
“If so many of y’all females wasn’t on BC y’all would of had 5 or 6 kids y’all self but birth control can’t save y’all. God gave me a child on birth control before it’s up to God if he wants you to have a baby or not. Not no BC”

15th March:
“I find out what I’m having this month I’m 27 weeks boy or girl the name will be
Zamiere Maroj Franklin “

15th March:
“Happy Anniversary to the love ❤️ of my life and high school sweetheart. We been together for 6 years and today marks 3 years since we been married and ever since that day our lives changed forever. We never slipped up or anything since we made the big step to spend the rest of our lives together. We said our vows young but we both knew what we wanted and look at us now… still young, faithfully, happily, married with a beautiful family that’s growing even the more. We did exactly what God planned for us and I just want to thank him for allowing me to marry my best friend. Happy Anniversary baby I love you ‍‍‍
… today was one of the greatest days of my life March 15th 2014”

Zoria-MJ Franklin

14th March:
“Females if you think your man is cheating on you 9 times out of 10 he’s cheating on you or your insecure …”

“Finally got my house in order
New furniture, stocked with all cleaning supplies, got my tv on the wall I just give all the praise to god “

13th March:
“People be so mad because I’m the definition of loyal… I never once stepped out my marriage or relationship been with the same man going on 6 years and they be so mad cuz my husband faithful they want what I got so bad they will try and do anything to sabotage it. But let me just say no one can break what God has built we have a stable empire and its never going to crumble.”

7th February
“Today was one of the scariest but greatest days of my life. It was Feb 7’2012 when my water broke at school when I was 16 and I gave birth to my first born daughter/child Macarria and I just fell in love from the moment I saw that 6lb 9ounce baby and today she is now turning 5 years old so with that being said everyone help with my daughter Macarria Jalia Marie Steele a happy birthday
Mommy loves you baby girl “

So there are some inconsistencies in her stories.

Here are some of the comments:

  • Mia Ashley: “Girl that’s great. But what’s your career? What’s your ten year plan? What if your husband leaves you? Do you have a savings account/401k? Can you support yourself and those babies? I’m Just asking.”
  • Kayla Smith: “How all them kids don’t have the same last name? Why are you 21 with 5 kids and no Ged … man can someone point me to the logic. These is the type of shit yall praise issa damn shame.”
  • Candace Alexandria: “I just don’t know why we’re praising for her having a roof over her kids heads? Won’t she go to jail if she doesn’t do that? Aren’t you supposed to be making money? You should be married as well. Is the bar set so low for us that having children, knowing the father, and having a roof over your head and having income are looked at accomplishments? That’s a requirement. ‍♀️”

  • Chynah Flemmings:” Y’all some jealous ass heffas KEYWORD married to all of her children’s father!!!! Get a life!!!! She’s blessed period.”
  • Moine Delco: Just update me in 5 years..
  • Kashmir Mercedes: “Yes I just got pregnant with my first child in birth control This is my husbands 14th girl. 10 baby moms but I’m the first wife. And I support him where I can. He’s 34 I’m 33 he takes care of all of them including me. them including me. We happy y’all happy that’s all that matters. F*ck anybody not happy for u.”

    • Ava Harrison: “dude has 14 daughters? how many sons? how many baby mom’s? And u think you’re special because u got a a ring? loooooool if anything, you’re the damn dummy. I know child support is lighting his a** up.”
      • Kashmir Mercedes: U wanna help.


Update: Mrs Franklin just announced she has signed up for school.
Zoria Franklin-school

* Mrs Franklin also states that RW is lying. About what exactly?
* In regards to Mrs Franklin’s comment, “If so many of y’all females wasn’t on BC y’all would of had 5 or 6 kids y’all self but birth control can’t save y’all.” – some women take birth control to regulate their periods and are still virgins (meaning they have no sex) or married with no children.

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