Warning: Language | 22 Year-Old Woman With 5 Children Responds To Haters: “Us Been Straight! Y’all Swollow Kids & Abort Em!”

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Dana Sutton went viral after posting she has five children, and is only 22.

Yes. 22. She claims there are two fathers for her children and she lives with her daughter’s father and he gave her a ring – but she didn’t specify if she was married or engaged.

Her are some of her posts:

“How you 22 with 5 kids , one disabled & you gotta 6month old? How you handle it? EASY! US BEEN STRAIGHT! ‍♀️❤️ happy 4th from me & my 5 babies to you! ❤️”

Dana Sutton-fbDana Sutton-children“I didn’t wanna go viral today ‍♀️ knot today devil! lol I don’t argue Nomo tho!”

“It’s nothing y’all can say that can make me mad ‍♀️ NOTHING!!! I don’t regret my kids and i neverrrr will clowns! Just cus y’all mamas put y’all in foster care and gave y’all away for adoption & aborted y’all siblings oh wel!! my 5 ain’t missed a beat yet! And I’m not a single mom! quit begging that nigga to claim y’all kid my kids dads love them “

“My pic got 35,000 likes and 15,000 shares me and my kids regular holiday pic then went crazy I’m use to viral but y’all doing too much steady saying Nike gone sue me dam police ass people if ima get sued it’ll be because y’all snitch asses keep sucking my ass! I’m getting moneyyyyy and y’all not getting a dime worrying about me I SEW I just started logos like 5 days ago and mfsz already on my ass “

“Y’all talk too much you see a mf with kids and think all kinda silly bs y’all sick ass on the outside ass bitches! I’m NOT a single mom BOTH MY KIDS DADS are amazing. ‍♀️ I live with my daughters dad that RING ON MY FINGER FROM HIM! meanwhile you bitches gotta BEG y’all BABY DADDIES to claim y’all kid that he still don’t claim , don’t buy shit for and don’t like you you hoes been in foster care , adoption agencies , mama aborted y’all siblings and all but worried about ME! my regular ass holiday pic got mfsz so bothered! My kids BEEN STRAIGHT forever Cus they mama and daddies don’t play!!! Support TEAM HEAVY!! so quit discussing me bitch! Y’all talm bout section 8 low income & 5 babydadfies quit confusing me from y’all crackhead ass mamas , half you hoes got 2 kids who y’all never got ‍♀️ just cus y’all mamas failed y’all too bad! My kids good bitch they gotta young boss ass mama who don’t even play like THAT! So stay tf off my page with y’all silly ass bs right idea wrong MAMA and her kids! ✌ MESSAGE!”

“IDGAF about shit these people saying Cus they don’t know shit about ME it’s actually CUTE to see about 50,000 people and bout 25,000 talking shit I must be important .. but mfsz ain’t gone keep playing with my sick son that will get one of you bitches head took off rs! All that retarded talk kill it on my kids bitch ain’t SHIT retarded about mines BITCH he’s sick he’s a 3 year old CHILD who’s tryna get over seizures bitch! ‍♀️ what retard? Besides you slow ass hoes. You hoes have ” Normal kids ” that be 8 and 9 can’t even fucking talk ! OL mush mouth ass kids, kid can’t spell , or write at 8 and 9 years old bitch you trifling ass mamas is the retards and you dusty broke ass niggas be whole ass men commenting on my pics butttt behind on child support on my post acting like straight BITCHES like you finna take a whole dick! Gay ass niggas l RS quit playing with me BITCH! Cus my special needs BABY who is really sick gone be smarter than y’all Normal ass kids who gone grow up to be janitors while he a lawyer keep playing my baby gone have all the As while them normal ass kids bringing you hoes Ds and Fs mines won’t be a FAILURE BITCH!”
Dana Sutton-fb-1

“I’m not responding to people today I swear I’m try so hard not too Cus Dana got 5 kids welfare checks child support checks section 8 and low income oh and 5 babydaddies with a sick son who get this fat ass check I guess it gotta be like 2000 if it’s gone take care of us , maintenance my car , and keep us looking nice Cus y’all know my taste expensive af! lmaoooo people say anything swear this is what they say lmaoooo so much false information I swear I wish I could get that shit I’m still tryna see if mfsz gone qualify for that section 8 no welfare checks no child support checks no fat ass check no 5 babydaddies no low income so idk why I’m wasting my time they really just wanna talk to me I’m not giving y’all my attention after this but I really haven’t had to mfsz been on there snapping on y’all for me 63k likes y’all got my shit bussing I know me and my kids cute! yall mad Cus y’all got one and Been losing weight since ‍♀️ or Cus y’all got one with no help? No baby daddy to claim that one? What is it? y’all mad Cus I get food stamps that y’all get TO or y’all mamas get too! I don’t get none of that EXTRA shit y’all talking but I know bitches who got 1-2 kids with section 8 , food stamps and child support checks & I ain’t mad at em I wish I could spend all my money on what I want and get all that shit meanwhile bitches live in the projects got mice , kids diapers bought to hit the floor cus it’s so big ain’t been changed , nose leaking snot , ain’t had a bath in weeks , stank like pee , hair never combed , mama gotta eviction letter , gotta , go hoe to make rent , homeless , grown as hell living with they mama , no job , no car , no money but worried about me! that’s social media for you! ‍♀️ but behind evey bad comment it’s 100 good comments! #teamFIVE”
Dana Sutton-fb-2

“4 of 5 ❤️ my beautiful babies! Y’all swollow kids , and abort em , I made em so me and they daddies raise em ❤️‍♀️☺️ my babies enjoyed they 4TH.”

A Youtuber Thomas Jerome Harris known online as Tommy Sotomoyor, went on a few tirades about her yesterday. His videos are not for the faint of heart.

Dana found out about it and she posted multiple videos with the most expletives from the mouth of a sailor I have ever heard.

She called Tommy’s daughters hair, nappy, they are hoes and also they were gay a$$ hoes.
She was also proud that she is wearing Brazilian hair.

Dana owns her own business and makes Nike and Fila knockoff fitness apparel and slippers.

“I made them & I think these one of my top favs this silver so damn pretty in person still up doing orders for toma. custom Nike INSPIRED sets matching sisters order

I made it! everything made by ME custom Nike inspired sets. More 4th of July orders these so pretty .”

Dana Sutton-nike-tees-1 Dana Sutton-nike-tees Dana Sutton-nike-tees-2

“I made it my boo wanted fila & she got it inspired custom fila set made by ME! & she so thick so I know she finna be shapopping.

Dana Sutton-fila-tees

Here are some of the comments on her page:
– “Baby if it helps you,good job! I truly understand I was 23 with (9)nine children,three(3)sets of twins. For the record all grown,high school diploma’s,several have college degree’s(2) multiple degree’s.Oh 3 baby Daddy. Believe in you,dream big,but most important keep GOD FIRST.God bless you and those babies!”

– She must be sucking dick for jordans lmaoooooo I wanna know

–  she’s just incriminating herself with the fake nike merchandise that she’s creating

– When I read she is bad with that needle & thread, that shut me down. Keep taking care of your kids & getting money queen.

– Ayye if u can afford Nike n Jordan x6 then u maintaining so hey u got mi respect if god felt angry at her for having 5 kids he wouldn’t let her take care of em

– Why are ppl liking this… its not ok …. thank god she doin it but wtf… ppl are so twisted

– I salute you ma for taking care of business. But got damn 22 with 5…that’s sad. Birth control is free…well use to be. ‍♀️ or condoms something. I see a working woman but also a lady that fuck raw on the regular (that’s nasty) but hey whatever floats your boat. Ps tho don’t get offended about comments when you post the pix welcoming comments
– Well she definitely get a check for one if not all them mfs… I doubt she work she has a disabled son and infant to take care of… Idc what nobody say being a young mother is not cute nor easy especially 22 with fucking 5 kids…

– If you look on her page, you can see that she own her own business, people are so quick to judge

– Kudos to taking care of the kids that didn’t ask to be here that gets much respect!! But let’s not paint this as an ideal situation to be in. Stay in school, get married, build a foundation for yourself. Nothing at all wrong with waiting.

– Serious ?, how is being young & poor popping out babies an accomplishment?! Why is that glorified to have 3/4 kids before u can even legally buy alcohol?

– She better use a condom next time!!

– She made it our business when she made a public post.

– She have on 5 retros their 150-210 per box of shoes she need to buy me some

– Her kids still clean and all together well taken care of ! That’s all that matters

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