Writer Accuses Melania Trump Of Cheating With The Head Of Security Of Tiffany’s In Trump Tower

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Melania Trump-Hank Siemers
We all know that Cheeto in Chief, Donald and Melania Trump have a picturesque, fairy tale marriage. So to my surprise and I was thoroughly disgusted when writer Monica Byrne claimed that Melania is sleeping with the head of security of Tiffany’s in Trump’s very own babel tower. Melania’s alleged, beau is Hank Siemers. Mrs Trump the third would never cheat on her loving grab em’ by the p*ssy non-faithful husband to no-one.

Here are the tweets:
Monica Byrne-Melania Trump-tweets

Monica Byrne-Melania Trump-tweets-2

Monica Byrne-Melania Trump-tweets-3

Monica Byrne-Melania Trump-tweets-4

Melania gifted Michelle a Tiffany gift when the Obama’s left the White House.
Melania Trump-gifts-Michelle Obama

Hank is not a security guard he is Vice President of Global Retail Security.

According to his job description: “Responsible for the strategic and tactical leadership in safeguarding Tiffany & Co.’s brand, assets and people on a Global Scale. Responsible for the security/loss prevention efforts of over 300 locations and 340 security professionals worldwide. Develop strategic partnerships with all levels of US and international management in order to integrate and direct all security disciplines including but not limited to: Development, implementation and monitoring of all security policies and procedures for best practices in risk management and loss prevention; P & L accountability, budget management and vendor contracts; Physical security systems and technology upgrades; Trademark enforcement and the pursuit of counterfeit goods, sales, manufacturing and distribution; Retail operations and data analysis for identifying theft and minimizing operational loss; Internal investigations; Comprehensive loss prevention awareness, training, and communication for all employees; Executive protection and event security; Incident management and emergency response. Have had the opportunity to speak publicly on the topics of domestic and international security to US and foreign law enforcement agencies and private organizations around the world.”

So he makes a bit of change, 7+ figures and has not filed for bankruptcy multiple times.

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