Yovanna Momplaisir To Join The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 13

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Yovanna Momplasir & Nene Leakes

After admitting her involvement in “snakegate”, Gail ‘Yovanna’ Momplaisir will be joining the Real Housewives Of Atlanta as an official cast member.  

Yoanna was offered a contract to appear on season 13 of the show after taping the virtual reunion, according to TMZ

Yovanna’s storyline will follow her after the snakegate scandal, which all came to head during the dramatic reunion episode on Sunday night. May be that is why Andrew Cohen didn’t ask for recepits, because they will be presented next season.

RHOA producers invited Yovanna to sign on for season 13 as an official cast member. The contracts were sent out to all the ladies after they filmed the reunion.

As for Yovanna’s role next season her main storyline for the upcoming season will continue off the scandal that erupted during season 12. Snakegate – the ladies found out Yovanna came on the show as a spy for Nene, who wanted Yovanna to gather intel to see which of the ladies were talking sh*t about Nene behind her back.

The ladies ultimately were led to believe Nene asked Yovanna to record the conversations. During a trip to Canada, they asked Yovanna but she didn’t confirm or deny. Yovanna never recorded anything and admits Nene asked her to record the conversations.

“Not only did she ask me to record Ms. Cynthia Bailey, but she told me she wanted me to record every single body that’s sitting right here. She wanted proof that everybody else is equally talking s*** about her the way she talks s*** about everybody else,” Yovanna said.

Yovanna claimed that Nene had sent, “text messages, harassing phone calls from blocked numbers, and even a cease and desist from her attorney,” to silence her.

“In her cease and desist, her attorney’s verbiage was that I needed to destroy any alleged audio that I might have on her that would portray her in a negative light or defame her character,” Yovanna said.

Yovanna never got the chance to confront Nene about Snakegate and how it affected her. During the reunion Nene closed her laptop after not wanting to stand up to her accusers anymore. Nene later posted a video on YouTube to explain why she didn’t return to the reunion.

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