Bethenny Frankel’s Ex-Husband Jason Hoppy Slams The RHONY Star Over Stalking & Verbal Abuse Accusations

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Bethenny Frankel’s Ex-Husband Jason Hoppy Slams The RHONY Star Over Stalking & Verbal Abuse Accusations

Post by Admin » 11 Mar 2018, 02:17

Jason Hoppy‘s lawyer is slamming Bethenny Frankel following a Thursday court appearance during which she claimed her ex continually harassed her. Now, has exclusively learned the details behind the explosive custody battle.

Frankel’s lawyer, Allan Mayefsky, argued that this was “a case where joint custody is not viable.”

His words followed Frankel’s request to modify the agreement to obtain full custody of the former couple’s 7-year-old daughter, Bryn.

“The harassment, the stalking, the 500 emails in 90 days, in which he called her a ‘sad, miserable, bitter old woman,’ and said, ‘I’ll pray for you,’ while asking about life insurance a veiled threat there’s no way these parties can be joint custodians,” blasted Mayefsky.

But Hoppy’s lawyer Robert Wallack hit back!

In a statement to Radar, Wallack said Frankel’s “claims of verbal abuse and harassment are untrue and not borne out by the evidence.”

“Bryn’s well-being is Jason’s only concern,”
Wallack said. “The child is thriving under the parties’ joint custody agreement and we expect that shared custody will continue.”

Judge Michael Katz ordered Frankel and Hoppy separate forensic evaluations with Bryn.

“The Judge merely ordered an update to the forensic evaluation.” Wallack said. “We hope that there will be no further custody fight since that would not be in Bryn’s best interests.”

According to an insider, “Bethenny made a request to the court to modify an old custody agreement. The court granted her an updated report from a forensic custody evaluator. The court felt they could take the next steps necessary to re-evaluate the old agreement in light of events since it was signed.”

They are due back in court on May 10 with the completed evaluations.

As Radar previously reported, Hoppy accepted a plea deal last October against the stalking and harassment charges involving Frankel.

“If you have no new arrests for six months and you abide by the full stay-away order for the defendant, in this case Bethenny Frankel for the same six-month period, your case will be dismissed and sealed,” the judge told Hoppy, who was present in the courtroom.

Source: Radar Online
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