Pay Up! Company Suing Margaret Josephs Demands $9.4 Million In Shocking Lawsuit

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Pay Up! Company Suing Margaret Josephs Demands $9.4 Million In Shocking Lawsuit

Post by Admin » 04 Nov 2017, 04:17

‘RHONJ’ Star was ordered to fork over cash for illegally copying their products!

Did she not learn from Teresa Giudice?

Margaret Josephs’ legal battle just exploded, with the company that sued her for counterfeiting, demanding that she pay them a whopping $9.4 million in another bombshell lawsuit!

The newest Real Housewives of New Jersey star was locked in a nasty lawsuit with Vineyard Vines apparel company long before she ever set foot on the Bravo show, after they sued her for copying their clothes and logo.

A judge found Josephs and her company, MacBeth, guilty of “trademark counterfeiting, trademark infringement, unfair competition and copyright infringement,” and ordered her to pay Vineyard Vines $300,000.

Josephs never coughed up the full amount of cash, giving them only $190,000 and the company slapped her with a demand for $9.4 million in “statutory damages,” according to court documents.

“That Defendants, Macbeth, MCBMJ and Margaret Josephs, shall pay Vineyard Vines the sum of $9,411,657.21, representing $110,000.00 of the Judgment Amount remaining unpaid, the Additional Debt of $20,000.00, $500,000.00 in liquidated damages in accordance with the Consent Judgment, statutory damages in the amount of $8,600,000.00 and $201,657.21 in Vineyard Vines’ actual expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, associated with the enforcement of the Consent Judgment, and it is further,” Vineyard Vines requested from the judge in documents filed in Federal Court.

Source: Radar Online
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